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Village task force

What is the village taskforce?

The village taskforce is an initiative where five multi-skilled maintenance teams, operating out of Carnaby, Goole, Hedon, Market Weighton and Willerby operational depots carry out a variety of minor streetscene maintenance works within rural villages. It replaced the biennial village visit which ran from 2004/05 to 2010/11.

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What type of work does the village taskforce carry out?

The type of tasks the teams will carry out includes grass-cutting, street sweeping, street sign cleaning, minor pothole repairs and painting of highway assets including litter bins and benches.

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Which parishes does the village taskforce visit?

The village taskforce visits the 151 rural parishes within the East Riding:

Parishes in the village taskforce programme (pdf 15kb opens in a new window)

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How often is each parish visited by the village taskforce?

Each rural parish is visited on a 15 working day cycle.

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How is work identified for the village taskforce?

Members of the teams are encouraged to identify minor streetscene works whilst in villages and carry them out at that visit or programme them for a future visit. Parish council representatives and local residents may approach team members when they are in their village with minor streetscene maintenance repairs they would like doing or report them by telephone on (01482) 395299 and a taskforce officer will relay the details to the team, if it is within the scope of what the team can do. The taskforce team coordinator will arrange for the works to be carried out at that visit or programme them for a future visit. 

A taskforce officer will also walk around the villages within each parish with representatives of the parish council and possibly ward councillors and draw up a schedule of works, which the team will carry out according to priority, over the course of the year on top of the regular grass cutting and street cleansing.

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What is the frequency of walkabouts to identify work to be carried out by the village taskforce?

Each village will receive a walkabout once every 2 years. The documents below outline where walkabouts will take place in 2017 and where they took place in 2016:

 Walkabouts will take place in these parishes in 2017 (pdf 35kb opens in new window)

Walkabouts took place in these parishes in 2016 (pdf 10kb opens in new window)

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