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Winter services

Snow plough

Here you can find out about all aspects of the council's winter maintenance responsibilities.

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Winter snow scene

Winter weather

Explains why all roads and footpaths are not treated, what you could do, arrangements for vulnerable people and dealing with winter weather.

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Road gritter

Road and footpath salting

Plans showing what roads and footpaths are salted.

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Snow plough in deep snow

Snow clearing/ploughing

Order of road and footpath clearing.

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Shovelling from salt bin

Salt, salt bins and heaps

Information about where they are located, criteria for new salt bins/heaps, using the salt, getting a salt bin, safely salting your road, are you liable, re-filling of salt bins, delivering salt, reporting a damaged salt bin and getting a salt bin on a private road/estate.

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Monitoring devices

Winter technology

Information about how we predict the weather, deciding when to salt the roads, monitoring weather conditions, salting the roads, how salt works, improvements that are been made and minimising the costs.

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