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Sustainable environment

Emptying bin of green waste

The environment around us sustains and supports our everyday lives, from the food we eat and the air we breathe to the water we drink.  It also gives us quality of life, whether we're walking the dog, going for a run in the countryside, or welcoming visitors to our area. The landscapes of the East Riding give it the sense of place we love and cherish, so let's help keep it that way by all doing our bit!

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Clouds and grass ina field

Creating a sustainable environment

Information about sustainable development, getting involved in your environment, and what we do.

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Managing our environmental impact

Information about what natural resources are, natural resource management, saving money and the environment, and further information on natural resources.

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Fairtrade logo


Information about what Fairtrade is, what we do, what you can do, and further information on Fairtrade.

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Smoking industrial chimney

Climate change

Information about how our climate is changing, green energy, what we do, what you can do, and where to get further information about climate change.

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East Riding coastline

Looking after our coastline

Information about our coastline, what we do, managing our shoreline, coastal change-getting support, getting involved, working with others, and further information on coastal management.

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Two birds on a branch

Nature conservation and wildlife

Information about biodiversity, what we do for wildlife, important sites for wildlife, protecting animals and plants, what you can do for wildlife, and further information on wildlife.

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Canal with a closed lock

Rivers, canals and waterways

Information about local waterways, what we do, getting involved, and where to get further information on waterways.

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Valuing our natural environment

Valuing our natural environment

Information about the Natural Environment White Paper, Local Nature Partnerships (LNP), and the Hull and East Yorkshire LNP.

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