Looking after our coastline

South Landing Flamborough Head

Our coastline has it all, from chalk cliffs in the north to the rapidly eroding Holderness clay cliffs and the sandy Spurn peninsula.  The East Riding's coastal communities face the challenges and benefits of living alongside this dynamic coastline.  We are working with partners and communities to put in place a coastal management framework.

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Sunrise across estuary

About our coastline

Information about what the East Riding coast is like, what heritage coasts are, coastal erosion, how quickly is the East Riding coast eroding and sea levels rising.

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Flamborough Head

What we do for our coastline

Explains what the council does to protect the coastline and what the shoreline management plan is.

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Timber groyne

Managing our shoreline

Information about areas that are protected, deciding which areas are defended, areas without defences and who is at risk.

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Cliff top errosion

Coastal change - getting support

Information about what support is available, does the council give compensation, are you at risk, advice about development, rollback, the East Riding Coastal Change Fund, the aims of this and how the fund could help you.

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People looking at a map

Our coastline - working with others

Explains how the council works with others to protect the coastline.

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Changing horizons (fisherman)

Memories of our changing coastline and fishing industry

Explains how the Changing Horizons project uses film to explore the history and heritage of coastal change and the fishing industry in Holderness

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Sunrise across estuary

Further information on coastal management

Explains where to find additional information about coastal change.

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Coastal opportunities gateway

Information about a project offering business support and tourism infrastructure to communities at risk from coastal erosion.

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