Our coastline - getting involved

What can I do if I live in a changing coastal area?

If you live in an area that is affected by coastal erosion you can do the following:

  • Be aware of the level of risk you face - see the 'How quickly is the East Riding coast eroding?' question for more details;
  • Check weather forecasts and flood warnings regularly and put steps in place to plan for extreme events; please see the Environment Agency's website:

         Environment Agency - Floods (external website)

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How do I use the coast in a sustainable way?

If you are a user of the coast then you could consider the following before your next trip:

        Walking the Riding (external East Riding website)

  • Join a local wildlife or countryside group- see local wildlife groups on our nature conservation and wildlife page; and
  • Be aware that some sites along the coast are particularly sensitive to human disturbance. These include the Flamborough European Marine Site and the Humber Estuary:

        Flamborough European Marine Site  (external website)

        Humber Estuary (external website) 

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