Our coastline - getting involved

What should I do if I live near to eroding or low-lying cliffs?

If you live in an area which is prone to coastal erosion or flooding, you can:

        Environment Agency - Floods (external website)

  • Call the Coastal Officer on 01482 391713 to sign up for regular erosion updates by email or letter

  • Be aware of the support which may be available to you through the East Riding Coastal Change Fund

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How can I help to preserve the coastal environment?

To protect yourself and the environment, please refer to our safety advice before visiting the coastline.  If you are visiting the European Marine Sites of Flamborough Head or the Humber Estuary, please read the visitor codes of conduct on the following websites:

Flamborough Head Management Scheme (external website)

Humber Nature Partnership (external website)Top of page

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