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Housing and council tax

Terraced Street

Information about council tax, paying your council tax and applying for benefits and support, housing benefit, council homes and how to apply for them, advice for tenants, help for homeless people and information for people wanting to use private landlords.

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Bin Men

Council tax

Information about council tax billing, council tax payment and council tax appeals.

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Coins falling

Housing benefit and council tax support

Information about existing claims, new claims, housing benefit fraud and other available benefits.

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Council Housing

Council tenants

Information about your tenancy, moving home, buying your home, home insurance, repairs and maintenance, improvements and alterations, nuisance behaviour and tenant participation.

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Couple receiving advice

Housing advice

Information about renting from the council, renting from a private landlord, renting from a housing association, help for homeless people and help for homeowners.

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Private Housing

Private housing landlords

Information about accredited homes, houses in multiple occupation, private landlord training, private landlord liaison, housing health and safety rating system.

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Lease Documents

Council leaseholders

Information about your council lease, ground rent and service charges, building insurance, buying a council leasehold property, selling or sub-letting and repairs and maintenance.

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Victorian House

Private housing residents

Information about advice for tenants, energy efficiency, empty homes, area renewal and regeneration.

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Efficiency symbol

Energy efficiency

Information about the YORSwitch schemes for cheaper energy for households, cheaper heating oil, cheaper business energy, energy events and the Green Deal scheme.

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