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Council leaseholders

A lease being signed

If your property was originally purchased from the council under the right to buy scheme, it will have been sold on a long lease, and you will be the leaseholder.

This section contains advice and information for council leaseholders. 

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A for sale sign

Buying a council leasehold property

Information about what a council leaseholder is and what to do if you are thinking of buying a council leasehold property.

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A block of flats

Your council lease

Information about council property leases, and where to get a copy of your lease.

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A house

Ground rent and service charge

Information about what ground rent is, do you have to pay, receiving your service charge bill, how to pay, paying in instalments, what to do if you have trouble paying and what the reserve fund is.

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Two builders look at plans

Repairs and maintenance

Information about how to report repairs, what you can report, carrying out improvements and alterations, carrying out improvements to your block and do you have to maintain your gas appliances. 

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A policy folder

Building insurance

Will you need building insurance for your council property, what the comprehensive buildings insurance policy is and how to get a refund on it when you sell your property.

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Woman signing an agreement

Selling or sub-letting

What you need to know to sell or sub-let your council leasehold property.

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