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Council tenants

Row of houses

We have approximately 11,000 tenants throughout the East Riding. 

This section provides advice and information for our tenants on their tenancies and the services we provide for them.

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A signed tenancy agreement and house keys

Your tenancy

Information about your conditions of tenancy, paying your rent, joint tenancies, taking over a tenancy and ending your tenancy.

Items in this section

Man repairing a house

Repairs and maintenance

Information about repairs, planned maintenance and improvements.

Items in this section

Man with hammer

Improvements and alterations

Information about getting permission to make alterations to your council home, applying for permission and claiming compensation when you end your tenancy.

Items in this section

A policy folder

Home insurance

Information about needing home insurance and how to get home contents insurance through the council.

Items in this section

Graffitti on a wall

Nuisance behaviour

Explains what nuisance behaviour is, how to complain, confidentiality and what we will do if you make a complaint.

Items in this section

A disabled person

Adaptations for disabled occupants

Explains what adaptations are, how to request an adaptation, how long they take and if you have to pay.

Items in this section

Person speaking to new tenants

Tenant participation

Information on how to get involved with our housing service, residents associations in your area, the East Riding council tenants forum including how to join and when the forum meets, and how to keep up to date with what goes on in housing.

Items in this section

Key handover

Moving home

Information about transfers, mutual exchanges and sheltered housing.

Items in this section

A for sale sign

Buying your home

Information on how to buy your council home, how much it will cost, how long will it take to buy, becoming a leaseholder and selling your council property once you have bought it.

Items in this section

Loud hailer

Keeping you informed

Tells you where to get a copy of our 'Homing In' newsletter, annual report to tenants and tenants forum highlights.

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