Your tenancy

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Your council tenancy agreement gives you a number of rights and responsibilities, and also sets out our obligations as your landlord.

This section provides information on various elements of your tenancy agreement.

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Conditions of tenancy

The types of council tenancy, your rights and responsibilities, what happens if you break the conditions, how to get a copy of your tenancy agreement and changing your conditions.

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Paying your rent

How to pay your council home rent, what to do if you are having trouble paying, claiming housing benefit and what to do if you have lost your rent card.

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Joint tenancy

Explains what a joint council tenancy is, how to make your partner a joint tenant and what you should do if you move out of the property.

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Taking over a tenancy

Information on taking over a tenancy if you lived with a spouse or parents who have died and can your child take over your council tenancy.

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Ending your tenancy

Information on how to end your council tenancy, ending a relatives tenancy if they have died, what to do before you move out and what if you have moved and not ended your tenancy.

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