Paying your council home rent

How do I pay my council home rent?

The amount of rent you pay for your council home will be stated on your rent card. You may be entitled to housing benefit to help pay some or all of your rent, depending on your income and circumstances.  From April 2013 there have been changes to housing benefit for some tenants who underoccupy their council home.

Your rent is payable fortnightly in advance and for 48 weeks of the year – the first 2 weeks in April are rent free weeks. There are numerous ways to pay your rent. You can pay your council home rent online using the below link, by standing order, at the customer service centres, by post or on the telephone (0845) 1200020. 

Pay your council home rent online

The following pdf document provides a full list of the ways to pay your rent.

Information on ways to pay your council house rent (pdf 1.26mb opens in a new window)

Your rent will be reviewed annually and we will give you at least 4 weeks notice of the new rent to be charged. If you are a joint tenant you are both responsible for all of the rent – this still applies even if one tenant leaves the property.

If you have any queries with regard to your rent please contact the billing and collection team

Email: rents@eastriding.gov.uk
Telephone: (01482) 394747.

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I’m a council tenant and am having trouble paying my rent, can I get help?

If you are having difficulty paying your rent, you should apply for housing benefit online (opens in a new window

If you have started to have trouble paying your rent since April 2013 due to the reduction in housing benefit for tenants underoccupying their homes, you may wish to consider moving to a smaller property.  If you would like to do this you need to apply for a transfer or register for a mutual exchange.

If you are not eligible for housing benefit and are still having difficulty in paying your rent please contact the billing and collection team.

Email: rents@eastriding.gov.uk
Telephone: (01482) 394747

Don’t wait until you have a large debt. If you do not pay your rent you are breaking a condition of your tenancy and we may take action to repossess your home.

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I’m a council tenant, how do I claim housing benefit?

Our benefits section deal with claims for housing benefit from our tenants. You may be able to claim housing benefit if you are the tenant of one of our properties, you live in the dwelling and you are on a low income. You can apply for housing benefit online (opens in a new window) or visit one of our customer service centres where a member of staff will assist you. Please remember to take original evidence with you.

In order to process a new claim the benefits team will need proof for you, and your partner, of your identities, national insurance numbers, income, capital and savings; along with proof of income for any other adults in your home.

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Can I find out if my claim can be backdated or not?

There is no automatic right for us to backdate your claim, each request is considered on its individual merits.

Find out more from the New housing benefit and council tax support claims page.

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I’ve lost my council rent card, how do I get another one?

You can request a replacement council home rent card online (opens in new window).

Our billing and collection team provide a complete enquiry service for tenants in relation to the rent of council houses, rent arrears and council garages.

Email: rents@eastriding.gov.uk
Telephone: (01482) 394747

They will be able to send you a replacement card. The team issue new, annual and replacement rent cards, annual rent increase letters and standing order forms.

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