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Housing advice

People in a home

This section contains advice and information on the options available for renting a home, whether it be from a private landlord, the council or a housing association.

Further information is available for homeless people, and home owners who are having trouble paying their mortgage.

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A house

Renting a council house from the council

How to apply for a council home, how long you may have to wait, help with your rent, renewing your application for housing and how to get medical priority.

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Row of houses

Renting from a private landlord

Information about assured shorthold tenancies, what a bond is, finding a property to rent through LetsHelpYou - East Riding, what is an accredited home and can you get housing benefit.

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A house

Renting from a housing association

What is a housing association, how to apply, help with your rent and renting extra care sheltered housing. 

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A man

Help for homeless people

Information on where to get help, making a homeless application, what to do if you get kicked out, eviction from HM Armed Forces family accommodation, can you choose where to get rehoused and can you get temporary accommodation.

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Help for home owners

What to do if your having problems paying your mortgage, what the mortgage rescue scheme is and what to do if your home is being repossessed.

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