Benefit fraud reporting and investigation

How do I report someone I believe is committing benefit fraud?

The best way to report your suspicions is to contact us on the telephone number below and speak to an officer who will take down your concerns in confidence.

The more information you provide us with, the greater prospect we have of proving any fraud that may be taking place.


Please contact our 24 hour fraud hotline on Telephone: (01482) 394949. Please note, an answer phone facility is in operation outside of office hours.


Complete our fraud referral form (opens in new window)

Text message

Send us a text message to 07786200850.


Send us an email to benefit.fraud@eastriding.gov.uk


You can also write to is at the following address:

Fraud Investigation and Enforcement Team,
East Riding of Yorkshire Council,
County Hall,

East Riding of Yorkshire

HU17 9BA Top of page

I have received a claim review form, what do I need to do?

You need to fully complete and sign the form returning it in the envelope provided.

If you fail to do so, your claim for housing benefit or council tax support will be stopped.

You have received the form because the council has received information that suggests your circumstances may have changed.  

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Why has the fraud investigation and enforcement team suspended my claim?

We may have suspended your claim because you have failed to comply with a request to review your claim or we have evidence showing that your circumstances have changed.  Until we are able to confirm your current circumstances your payments will stop.

If you wish to discuss this further please contact the person named on the letter you have received who will let you know why your payments have been suspended.

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I have just been interviewed under caution, what happens next?

Depending on what you have said during the interview we may need to make further enquiries.  If so, you will receive a letter providing you with an update on the progress of the case every 28 days.

Once all enquiries and interviews have been completed a report summarising the facts of the case will be considered by the fraud investigation and enforcement manager who will then make a decision as to what further action, if any, is taken against you.  

In all instances you are required to repay any amount you have been overpaid.  If it is believed that an offence has been committed you may be offered a formal caution (housing benefit cases only), an administrative penalty or you may be prosecuted.  

Where there is no evidence of an offence no further action will be taken, however, any benefit you have wrongly received has to be repaid. We will write to you summarising our findings and inform you that the investigation is closed.

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If I accept a formal caution or administrative penalty will I get a criminal record?

No, neither of these sanctions are recorded on the police national computer.  They are recorded centrally by the Department for Work and Pensions and locally by the fraud investigation and enforcement team.  Should you commit further offences in the future then these sanctions will be taken into account when deciding what future action is taken against you.

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How do I pay an administrative penalty?

Once your administrative penalty has been finalised you will be sent an invoice. 

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Do I have to attend an interview under caution?

You do not have to attend the interview, however, the interview is your opportunity to give an explanation of the facts. 

If you do not attend the interview we will consider the evidence we have and make a decision on further action as outlined above.

In serious cases we may request the police arrest you to enable us to conduct the interview. Throughout the interview you have rights and entitlements, including the right to silence, which will be explained at the start of the interview.

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I've received a summons to attend court for a benefit fraud offence - what should I do?

You should attend court at the time and date specified on the summons. You should also consider seeking legal advice prior to your court appearance.

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I'm an employer and I've received a letter asking for information - do I have to provide it?

Yes, investigators are authorised under the Social Security Administration Act to obtain information from employers. When an authorised officer requests this information under this legislation you are compelled to provide it or you risk prosecution yourself.

You do not have to provide information that may incriminate you or your spouse.  

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Can I find out who reported me for allegedly committing benefit fraud?

No, the information we receive is treated as strictly confidential and will not be disclosed.

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I have reported someone for benefit fraud, how do I know if something has been done about it?

All allegations of benefit fraud are treated in confidence and as such we are unable to disclose whether an investigation is taking place.

Every allegation we receive is taken seriously and considered by a senior officer.  The more detailed information you supply the greater the prospect of proving any offence. 

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