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Private housing landlords

Terrace of Victorian houses

Many landlords already manage their properties well, others may need help and advice to enable them to run their businesses effectively and to ensure that they meet all of their legal obligations. 

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Accredited homes

Information about what accredited homes and accredited homes of excellence are, who can apply for landlord accreditation, what the benefits are, how to join and what happens if the tenant complains about disrepair.

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Houses in multiple occupation

Explains what a house in multiple occupation is, fire safety measures that are needed and what duties you have to manage a house in multiple occupation.

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Private landlord training

Information about training provided for landlords and what the course dates are.

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Private landlord liaison

Provides information about the list of letting and managing agents, seminars or meetings for landlords, newsletters for landlords and how to receive regular updates.

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Housing health and safety rating system

Information about what it is, where does the system apply, who carries out inspections and how is it applied and enforced.

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