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Problems with disrepair

What can I do if my landlord will not carry out repairs?

In most cases, your landlord is responsible for the repair and maintenance of your rented home. If your home needs repairs, in the first instance you should contact your landlord to tell him or her about them.

You can use this letter to report any repair problems to your landlord. You should always keep a copy. For urgent issues you may also wish to telephone your landlord.

Sample letter for reporting repairs to your landlord (pdf 13kbs open in new window)

Should you have a problem getting your landlord to do the repairs, you should contact the council’s private sector housing team. Dependant upon the seriousness of the repairs, we may offer you advice or arrange to visit and inspect your home.

If repairs are needed, to start with we will usually contact your landlord informally, however, where this is unsuccessful the council can require him or her to carry out repairs by serving a formal notice.

To contact the council's private sector housing team please call (01482) 396301 (choose option 2), make an online service request (opens in new window)or alternatively send an email.

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What can I do if my home is damp and mouldy?

Damp and mould can be a problem in many homes leading to damage to the building or even effecting the health of the people living there.

Some dampness is caused by condensation. To find out how condensation forms and how to keep it to a minimum, we have produced the following fact sheet on damp and mould in the home.

Dealing with damp, condensation and mould growth in your home (pdf 210kb opens in new window)

Condensation is not the only cause of dampness, it can also come from defects in the building such as leaking pipes, rain seeping through the roof because of missing slates, or from rising dampness.
If you are renting your home from a private landlord and you believe that repairs are required or there is insufficient heating or insulation, in the first instance you should contact your landlord to advise them of the problems you are experiencing to give them an opportunity to resolve the matter. If you are not satisfied with the action taken by your landlord you should contact the council’s private sector housing team.

If you are an owner occupier, unfortunately the council is not able to recommend contractors. Before employing a contractor you should always ask friends or neighbours who you know have had similar work done.  Alternatively, try contacting the recognising trade associations and ask for a list of their members that operate in your area.  You can sometimes identify trade associations from the Yellow Pages.

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