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How much does it cost to enrol on a course?

Course costs vary, depending on the duration and type of course, and your personal circumstances (for example, if you’re on certain benefits or you’re taking a particular qualification). 

There are two types of courses available to you – accredited and non-accredited.

  • Accredited courses are typically those that lead to a qualification.  You will be expected to sit any assessments or exams that are part of the course. A discretionary learner support fund may be available to help you pay for the exam fee if you meet the criteria. More information is available on the Financial help and additional support page.  
  • A non-accredited course does not generally lead to a formal qualification but will give you an introduction to a subject, or can enhance your existing knowledge. 
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What concessions are available to me?

Please note: if you are aged 24 or more, and enrolling on a Level 3 or Level 4 course, you are not entitled to a concession.

When you are enrolling on a course, you may get the course for free if you meet any of the criteria below.  Please note, these concessions apply to the 2015/16 Academic Year.

  • Aged 19-23 and studying for first full Level 2 or full Level 3 qualification (see below for more details)  
  • Aged 16-18 on 31 August 2015 and studying an accredited course as part of a Study Programme.  For non-accredited courses, learners must pay £12.50 per hour
  • In receipt of Job Seekers' Allowance (including National Insurance Credits only)
  • In receipt of Employment Support Allowance (Work Related Activity Group only)
  • In receipt of Universal Credit due to unemployment and mandated to undertake skills training
  • Unemployed and in receipt of state benefits, needing skills to enter employment
  • Learners studying first full level 2 or first full level 3 qualification who have left the British Armed Forces in the past 10 years after completing four or more years of service or have been medically discharged, due to an injury in active service, after completing basic training

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Can I get a fee concession on any course?

Some of our courses are classed as full cost which means the council does not get funded by the government for them.  There are no concessions available on these courses.

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Can I pay in instalments?

Any course with course fees over £50 can be paid in instalments.  Please note that this is not available if you book online.  If you need to pay in instalments due to your financial circumstances, please speak to a member of staff in the adult learning centre running your course to discuss what arrangements can be made.

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Is there any financial support available to me?

Learners with specific personal circumstances may be entitled to a concession on their course fees, giving them the course for free.  However, if this does not apply, there is a discretionary learning support fund available to help give financial support.   More information is available on the Financial help and additional support page.

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What is classed as a Full Level 2 or Full Level 3 qualification?

The government is committed to supporting people to achieve Level 2 and 3 qualifications. 

Please note: if you are aged 24 or more, and enrolling on a Level 3 or Level 4 course, you are not entitled to a concession.

Learners aged 19-23 and studying their first full Level 2 qualification (equivalent to five GCSEs A-C) or full Level 3 qualification are entitled to full fee remission, which means you could take the course for free.  We may also be able to help you with  childcare and transport costs, depending upon your circumstances. 

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How do I find and book on a course?

Please use our course finder where you can search for courses by title, subject or location. 

You can also contact your nearest adult learning centre where our friendly staff will be happy to give you more information about courses that interest you. 

If you know what course you want to do but do not want to book online, please see the How to Enrol page for more information on the alternative ways to book your course. 

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