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What can I learn?

We offer a variety of courses that run at different times throughout the year. Some of the courses that we have run this year, or are in the middle of running, are listed below.

To find out what's running right now please contact your local centre, or search for courses local to you on our course finder.

British Sign Language (BSL)



Creative writing

Drawing and painting

Flower arranging

Patchwork and quilting


British Sign Language (BSL)

BSL level 1 introduction

This course offers an introduction to British Sign Language (BSL). You will learn some basic signs and begin to learn more about the scope of the full level 1 qualification. Learners can progress to the accredited course which is delivered in accordance with the National Language Standards (NLS). You must attend an initial assessment between 1 and 12 September 2015.

BSL level 1

This qualification enables learners to develop suitable and sufficient skills to communicate with deaf people in British Sign Language (BSL) on everyday topics in accordance with the National Language Standards (NLS).

Celtic calligraphy

Enjoy the creative pleasure of this native script and delight in the mastering of these complex borders and art forms.


Beginners ceramics

An introduction to ceramics for people who want to learn the basics of ceramic craft for the first time. Work with a qualified tutor and learn the processes and techniques of clay preparation and hand building. Discover coils, slabs and the pinching method and learn about centring and pulling a wall to make a vessel using a pottery wheel.

Advanced ceramics

Develop and fine tune your hand building and throwing processes and techniques.
Work with a qualified tutor and discover details of design, construction, methods
and science involved in ceramics. Delve into the exciting world of contemporary
glaze chemistry, looking at the numerous ingredients of glaze recipes available,
raw materials and minerals to colour a glaze.

Mixed ability ceramics

A mixed beginners and advanced class where you can work with a qualified tutor to learn the basics, or fine tune your existing skills.

Creative writing and ebooks

This course will introduce you to creative writing and guide you through the application of critical thinking and creativity to help you write your own work. The course will encourage you to discuss and feedback on the work created by the group and will offer you an insight into the fascinating trend that is growing in popularity in the publishing world - e-books. We will explore how to ensure your topic is good, your cover is captivating and your price is right if you are to join the ever increasing number of self-published authors who are enjoying success in this market. 

Drawing and painting

Colour theory (at Sewerby Hall and Gardens)

This course will introduce the colour wheel, colour harmony and the context of how colour is used to gain a sense of order and balance in a painting. You will also have the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice, taking inspiration from the beautiful hall and gardens at Sewerby.

Park animals (at Sewerby Hall and Gardens)

This course offers you a chance to study movement and pattern focusing on the resident domestic and wild animals and birds available in Sewerby’s collection from around the world.

Flower arranging 

This course will teach you a variety of techniques using flowers and foliage in the classroom, honing your skills and experimenting with ideas and designs. You will look at modern designs and how these have changed with time. These courses are available for beginners and improvers.

Patchwork and quilting

Learn everything you need to know to make your own beautiful patchwork quilt. We will cover cutting fabric, piecing, pressing, quilting and binding. 


Photography/camera craft: understanding exposure, subject and composition

Taking advantage of the architecture, gardens and wildlife available at Sewerby Hall and Gardens for your inspiration and focus, this course is designed to help you get the most out of your camera. It will cover some of the basic principles of photography and how these relate to the functions of your camera. (This course is designed for users of DSLR, bridge and manual compact cameras.)

Photography/camera craft: understanding light, colour and composition

This course introduces you to aesthetics for those of you who want to develop your own unique style. The architecture, gardens and wildlife at Sewerby Hall and Gardens will be used to help with your understanding of exposure, subject and composition. (This course is designed for users of DSLR, bridge and manual compact cameras.) 

Photography introduction

An introduction to the level 1 award in photography. It is essential to complete this FREE introductory course prior to enrolling on the main level 1 course.

Photography level 1 award

This course is ideal if you are interested in learning basic photography skills and knowledge, perhaps in order to progress on to higher level qualifications, to advance your skill as a hobbyist or to prepare for employment in the sector. During this course, you will cover using a camera to capture creative images and digital image manipulation.

Photography - non accredited

This course is ideal if you are interested in learning basic photography skills and knowledge, but don’t require a qualification at the end. During this course, you will cover using a camera to capture creative images and digital image manipulation.  

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Where can I learn?

There are seven main adult learning centres around the East Riding and many of our courses are taught in these centres. For more information on the venues, please see the Venue Details page.

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How much do courses cost?

Course costs vary, depending on the duration and type of course, and your personal circumstances (for example, if you’re on certain benefits or you’re taking a particular qualification).  For more information on course types, concessions and paying by instalments, please see our how much courses costspage.

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How do I find and book on a course?

Please use our course finder where you can search for courses by title, subject or location. 

If you do not want to book online, you can also contact your nearest adult learning centre where our friendly staff will be happy to give you more information about courses that interest you. Please see the how to enrol page for more information on the alternative ways to book your course.


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