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We offer a variety of courses that run at different times throughout the year. Some of the courses that we have on offer from September 2016 are listed below.

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Creative writing

Drawing and painting

Dressmaking (and costume making)



Paper sculpture





Soft furnishings


Getting started with vintage craft 

Discover your creative flair with one of a range of craft courses. These courses are for beginners and give you a chance to try experimenting with a range of craft techniques to make shabby chic flowers and miniature bunting. When you have discovered what is right for you we will help you to choose your next course.

Moving on with vintage craft

This course follows on from getting started with craft and further develops your skills in craft techniques. You will choose your preferred craft techniques and use these to make garden lanterns and outdoor planters.

Getting started with general craft

Discover your creative flair with one of a range of craft courses. These courses are for beginners and give you a chance to try experimenting with a range of craft styles and techniques for inspiration. When you have discovered what is right for you we will help you to choose your next course.

Moving on with general craft

This course follows on from getting started with craft and further develops your skills in craft techniques. You will choose your preferred craft techniques and use these to work on your own mini project.

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Creative writing

Getting started with creative writing

Discover the world of creative writing, exploring a range of writing techniques, styles and tones to help you to write your own work. On the course you will develop characters, settings and plots, using a variety of creative techniques. You will be encouraged to discuss and feedback on the work created by the group.

Moving on with creative writing

This course follows on from getting started with creative writing and further develops skills in producing interesting and engaging texts. You will choose whether to write an extended fictional work or an anthology of shorter pieces. These will be shared with the group and reviewed to help you improve your writing style.

Advanced creative writing

If you already have some experience of creative writing, perhaps from the moving on with creative writing course, and want to refine your skills, then this course is for you. You will discover and cover a mixture of genres, styles and approaches and develop your individual writing style.

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Drawing and painting

Getting started with drawing and painting

Spend an initial four weeks learning about the theory and practice of drawing and painting. Begin with still life drawing and learn how to add tone to basic drawing techniques. This course will equip you with the basic skills that are required for our moving on course.

Moving on with drawing and painting

Develop your artistic skills further with an introduction to painting skills. Experiment with a range of painting techniques and styles such as watercolours, pastels and oils to take you to the next level with your drawing and painting skills.

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Dressmaking (and costume making)

Getting started with dressmaking

Learn the basics of dressmaking including pattern cutting, basic sewing techniques and an introduction to the sewing machine (along with some basic sewing machine stitches). This course is for beginners and you will get inspiration from fellow learners and an expert tutor to make a simple item to take away.

Costume making

Everyone loves dressing up and this new course will give you ideas and skills to hand make costumes for you and your children. We will focus on Halloween, Children in Need, Easter, historical characters and Christmas as popular themes for the course. Go on to our moving on with costume making course and get really inventive! 

Moving on with dressmaking

This course follows on from getting started with dressmaking. You will learn how to read the marking and symbols on a variety of patterns and then practise your newly discovered techniques on calico. You will further develop skills using the sewing machine, learning techniques on how to insert zips, darts and make some basic garments.

Advanced dressmaking

If you have attended our moving on course and want to learn new, advanced dressmaking skills, then why not come along to this advanced course? Bring along your own patterns and resources and work with our tutor to discover how to make more detailed and tailored garments.

Dressmaking masterclasses

From time to time we run masterclasses alongside our main dressmaking courses. Please use our course finder to search for all dressmaking courses. 

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Getting started with flower arranging

On this beginners' course, you will be introduced to a variety of techniques using flowers and foliage. You will explore modern designs and how they have changed with time as well as exploring colour harmony and how to make arrangements using foam.

Moving on with flower arranging

This course follows on from getting started with flower arranging. You will look at the principles and elements of floral design including the theory of colour harmony and balance. The course will introduce you to wiring techniques and you will have plenty of opportunities to design and practise your own floral creations.

Advanced flower arranging

In this advanced class you will learn skills required to produce displays from seasonal flowers, including how they need to be treated and handled in order to extend their longevity and beauty. To join this class you will need to have had previous experience in floristry or have completed our moving on with flower arranging course. Take home what you make and display in your own home. 

Flower arranging masterclasses

From time to time we run masterclasses alongside our main floristry courses. Please use our course finder to search for all floristry courses. 

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Getting started with knitting

Get to grips with hand knitting and learn some basic skills and techniques including how to read a basic knitting pattern. Discover how to cast on and off, learn knit and purl stitches and how to begin basic construction. Practise at home and have something great to wear at the end of your four weeks!.

Moving on with knitting 

Now you have some knitting know how, learn more about choosing yarns and patterns for your own mini project. Learn a selection of more difficult stitches and apply them within your project. With full guidance and demonstrations from your tutor, develop at your own pace and have a beautiful piece to take away.

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Paper sculpture

Getting started with paper sculpture

Discover paper sculpture - the art of folding, cutting and manipulating paper into models. For beginners, this course will help you to get the basics and start moving in the right direction with this exciting craft.

Moving on with paper sculpture

Take your paper sculpture skills to the next level with our moving on course. Explore the techniques involved in designing and cutting intricate patterns to produce stunning decorative sculptures to take home.

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Getting started with patchwork

This captivating hobby equips you with basic sewing skills to make either a bag or cushion during this beginners course. Discover new skills that will enable you to make colourful quilts, throws, wall hangings and more. Knowledge of a sewing machine is useful but not essential as both hand sewing and machine sewing will be covered during the four weeks.

Moving on with patchwork

Move on with your patchwork skills and design your very own pattern for an item of your choice. Explore more advanced patchworking skills including complex shapes and intricate patterns and work with our tutor to create your own masterpiece.

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Getting started with photography

Aimed at the complete beginner, this course is for you if you already own a digital camera and want to maximise its potential. The focus is ‘the camera’ and you will learn what the various settings and menus on your camera are for and when to use them. Discover some basic photographic rules to get you started with taking great photos, take part in group activities and watch some practical demonstrations.

Moving on with photography

This course follows on from getting started with photography. Explore techniques used in photographing architecture and gain an understanding of using the flash and low light photography. You will plan capturing your own creative images and learn about digital image manipulation.

Photography workshop

For those learners who want to engage with photography as a hobby, this workshop will give you opportunities to focus on small projects, addressing themes of your choice. The tutor will guide you in developing your photography skills, using your own digital SLR camera, to capture special moments and take breathtaking photographs.

Photography level 1 award

This course offers the first and most important step into the magic world of photography. The main focus of the course is the camera and you will learn all about its most important functions including how to use it in fully advanced exposure mode, learning about T/stops, shutter speeds and ISO. You must attend a two week photography introduction course before joining the main course. 

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Getting started with pottery

Would you like to try pottery for the first time? This course is ideal for you if you have never tried pottery before and would like to experience and explore the basic pottery techniques required to create your own pieces.

Moving on with pottery

Following on from our getting started with pottery course, you will work with a qualified tutor to learn new techniques, fine tune your existing skills and further develop your knowledge of pottery making.

Advanced pottery

Experiment further with your own creative ideas and enhance your practical skills with this course for advanced learners. Delve into the exciting world of contemporary glaze chemistry, looking at the numerous ingredients of glaze recipes available. Work on your own project under the expert guidance of our tutor.

Pottery workshop

This course is ideal for advanced learners who want to develop their preferred style of making and decorating pottery with expert guidance from our tutor. You will work on your own project and develop hand building skills, throwing and a range of decorative techniques.

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Getting started with quilting

Let your creativity run riot and design your very own unique lap quilt. Our expert tutor will introduce you to the materials and equipment needed to make your quilt that you can start in class and continue at home. 

Moving on with quilting

Further develop your quilting skills and knowledge working on your own project. Under the expert eye of our tutor, learn new skills in construction and design, including a range of stitches using hand and machine techniques.

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Soft furnishings

Getting started with soft furnishings (cushions)

This course is ideal for you if you want to learn how to make your own handmade cushions. Over four weeks you will plan and make a square cushion and cover. You will discover how to calculate fabrics, successfully cut, fit and join piping and insert zips to make the pefect home accessory!

Moving on with soft furnishings (curtains and blinds)

Following on from making cushions on our getting started course, you will learn how to make your own professional looking curtains and roman blinds. You will be introduced to the techniques of measuring windows, calculating fabric quantities and pattern matching and you will produce curtain samples with a range of hand-stitched headings.

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Where can I learn?

There are four main adult learning centres around the East Riding and many of our courses are taught in these centres. For more information on the venues, please see the Venue Details page.

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How much do courses cost?

Course costs vary, depending on the duration and type of course, and your personal circumstances (for example, if you’re on certain benefits or you’re taking a particular qualification).  For more information on course types, concessions and paying by instalments, please see our how much courses costspage.

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How do I find and book on a course? 

You can use our course finder to search for courses by title, subject or location or view our latest course guide(s) listed below.  

October half term family learning flyer (pdf 2.6mb opens in new window)

Free adult learning taster courses flyer (pdf 1.37mb opens in new window)

Adult Learning Qualifications Course Guide Autumn 2016 (pdf 1mb opens in new window) 

Adult Learning Community Learning Course Guide Autumn 2016 (pdf 1mb opens in new window) 

You can also contact your nearest adult learning centre where our friendly staff will be happy to give you more information about courses that interest you.  

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