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What can I learn?

Have you got a new camera and want to know how to use it? Or maybe you're a more advanced learner who wants to gain a recognised photography qualification? Whatever your level, we have a course for you. 

To find out what's on offer you can use our course finder or contact your local centre.

Getting started with photography

This course is ideal if you are interested in learning basic photography skills and knowledge, but don’t require a qualification at the end. During this course you will learn how to operate your own camera to capture creative images.

Developing photography skills

Start to explore your camera and gain a good understanding of the various modes; what each camera mode does, when it should be used and under what circumstances. You will start to look at the theory behind photography to capture your own creative images and learn about ways to get better print quality.

Moving on with photography 

Move your photography skills to the next level and start to explore histograms learning how to ‘read’ them and see how they can be useful to your photographic needs. Develop your knowledge of lenses and the different dimensions that these can add to the specific type of photographic styles that suit your interests.

Extending photography skills

On this course for more experienced photographers, you will start to explore landscape photography including how to shoot the best landscape photographs, the best kit that you should use and everything else you may need to know about capturing great landscape images. Receive top tips on lens use and care from our expert tutor.

Seasonal photography workshops and masterclasses

These sessions/courses are delivered at various times during the year. Please keep looking at our course finder for more details. 

Introduction to photography level 1 award

If you want to get a qualification in photography then this introduction course would give you an overview of what you can expect to learn as part of the photography level 1 course. During the course you will find out about the topics and theory you will cover on the level 1 course along with discovering how to research, collect evidence and apply theory to practice. At the end of the course you will be able to make a decision about whether you wish to continue on to the full qualification course.

Photography level 1 award

This course offers the first and most important step into the magic world of photography. The main focus of the course is the camera and you will learn all about its most important functions including how to use it in fully advanced exposure mode, learning about F/stops, shutter speeds and ISO. The level 1 award is made up of 2 units - using a camera to capture creative images and digital image manipulation.

Where can I learn?

There are four main adult learning centres around the East Riding and many of our courses are taught in these centres. For more information on the venues, please see the where to find us page

How much do courses cost?

Course costs vary, depending on the duration and type of course, and your personal circumstances (for example, if you’re on certain benefits or you’re taking a particular qualification).  For more information on course types, concessions and paying by instalments, please see our how much courses costs page.

How do I find and book on a course?

You can use our course finder to search for courses by title, subject or location.  

You can also contact your nearest adult learning centre where our friendly staff will be happy to give you more information about courses that interest you.

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Last Updated: Monday, 13 November 2017