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You can find out about schools, academies and colleges in East Riding of Yorkshire and how to apply for places. There is also information about schools and issues relating to your child's education.

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Find your nearest school

List of all schools in East Riding of Yorkshire searchable by key word or browsable by location.

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Group of small children

Schools, nurseries and places for your child

Information on nursery, primary, secondary and special schools; pupil referral units, elective home education, school admissions and catchment finder.

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Term dates

Information on the standard term dates for schools in East Riding of Yorkshire.

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School closures

Find out if and when schools are closed due to adverse weather, premises, staffing or other issues.

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School attendance

Information on parents' responsibilities, what happens if your child doesn't attend regularly, prosecution, the start and completion of compulsory education, support for pregnant schoolgirls, fines for unauthorised absence and home tuition. 

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Behaviour and exclusion

Information on child behaviour, exclusions and alternative provision.

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Adults on a training course

Continuing professional development

Training for teachers and other school staff in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

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Special Educational Needs

Information and advice from the council (local authority) about your child with special educational needs.

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Concerns and complaints

If you want to complain about a school the council has set procedures which need to be followed.  Find out how to make your complaint in this section.

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School meals

Information on school menu food standards, allergies, intolerance and special diets, snacks and drinks, meal charges, free school meals and the schools meals team. 

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Finance and funding

Are you entitled to any help with travel costs and how to apply, financial help studying for a part-time degree, can you apply education maintenance allowance and do you provide transport for students with disability or learning difficulties.

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School transport

If your child travels to school using public transport we can provide you with information advice and guidance to ensure they remain safe and behave respectfully. We also provide information about if your child qualifies, and how to pay, for a bus pass.

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Schools' Library Service

Information on what's on offer, as well as information for subscribers to the service and for non-subscribers.

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Schools' Music Service

Information about a guide to the Schools' Music Service, who's who and contact details, bands, orchestras and choirs, our music centre, piano tuning service, events and workshops.

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National curriculum

The National Curriculum is a blueprint used by schools to ensure that teaching standards are universally consistent. Find out about how our schools deliver the curriculum in this section.

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Governors meeting area

School governors

Information on the role governors play in our schools and how you can become a school governor.  There is also information and resources to help governors in their capacity.

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Newly-qualified teachers (NQTs)

Information and guidance for newly-qualified teachers working in the East Riding of Yorkshire from September 2012.

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Resources for schools

The School Improvement Service publishes eRiding.net, a website containing useful information and resources for schools. Find out how eRiding can help you.

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School Organisation and Planning of School Places

Information about the number of schools in East Riding of Yorkshire, pupil numbers and the principles used for the planning of school places.

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Education and training providers

Education and training opportunities for young people are available from a number of organisations including schools, colleges, local authority and private training providers.

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Traded services

Traded services for schools and other educational institutions

Services we provide to local authority-maintained schools, academies and other educational institutions. They include a wide range of services that enable schools to function.

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