School meals

School meals

Our schools offer a wide range of food with, where possible, choices on each course. We have a number of policies to ensure that all of our food is safe, nutritious and wholesome. Where possible our dishes are freshly prepared using quality ingredients, in the school, by the cook. These complete home cooked meals provide substantial portions and represent good value for money.

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Fruit, vegetables and pasta

School menus

This page provides information to parents and guardians on where to access primary, secondary and special school menus. It also provides information on analysis of seasonal menus.

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Food standards

The Government requires school lunches to comply with 14 nutrient based standards, which came into effect in 2008 for primary schools and 2009 for secondary and special schools. This section answers the more frequently-asked questions.

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Allergies, intolerances and special diets

Information on what an allergy is, what food intolerance is, if a childs special diet can be catered for and are nuts and nut derivatives used as part of the school lunch.

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Drink can open

Snacks and drinks

What meals, snacks and drinks are available, is drinking water available at lunchtime, what drinks are available, are confectionery items available and are savoury snacks available.

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Coins from above

Meal charges

How much a meal costs in a primary, secondary and special school.

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Free school meals

Is your child entitled to free school meals, how to apply for free school meals, can free school meals be received at college, what happens after you apply, will the school be notified, what will your child receive as recipient, how much will you receive if eligible and can your allowance be back dated.

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Examples of food provided

The school meals team

Will you be sent any information regarding the school meals service.

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