Snacks and drinks

What meals, snacks and drinks are available for my child at lunchtime?

In line with the standards, healthy meals, snacks, desserts and drinks are available to pupils at lunchtime.

The school lunch menus operate a three week menu cycle, which runs seasonally, Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer.

The seasonal menus for primary, secondary, special and PRUs may be downloaded here, or by visiting your child’s school website or by contacting your child’s school for the current menu cycle.

Primary School Menu Autumn/Winter (pdf 421kb opens in new window)

Secondary School Menu Autumn/Winter (word 69kb opens in new window)    

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Is drinking water available at lunchtime?

Yes, fresh drinking water should be provided freely, at all times.

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What drinks are available to my child?

The only drinks served should be water, pure fruit juices, milk, yogurt and milk drinks with less than 5% added sugar, or smoothies. Carbonated drinks, flavoured waters, squashes and sport drinks cannot be served.  We have removed all sugary or sweetened drinks that have no nutritional value and can contribute to tooth decay.

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Are confectionery items, such as chocolate and cereal bars available in schools?

Confectionery, such as chocolate bars, coated chocolate biscuits and cereal bars must not be provided as part of the school lunch or for snacks throughout the course of a school day.

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Are savoury snacks such as crisps available in schools?

Snacks, such as crisps must not be provided.  Vegetables and fruit with no added salt, sugar or fat are allowed.  Savoury crackers or breadsticks can only be provided with fruit or dairy foods as a part of the school lunch.

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