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Information and guidance for parents and carers to explain the East Riding local authority's school admissions process.  Find and apply for a school, or appeal if your application for a particular school has been turned down.

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School admissions

Information on who to apply to for a school place, how to find out about schools in the East Riding, and about catchment areas.  How to make an application and who makes the decisions, what to do if you are struggling to find a school, how to appeal a decision and how to contact the team.

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Normal school admissions

Information about how to make an application in the normal admissions round which includes how to apply for a reception place, transfer your child from nursery to infant school and primary to secondary school, how many schools you can apply for and how to apply for a school not in the East Riding.  Start dates and what to do if your application for a preferred school was unsuccessful.

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In-year school admissions and school transfers

Explanation of what are in-year admissions and how to apply.  Details of how to transfer your child to a different school,  and what to do if your application is unsuccessful.

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School admission appeals

How to make a school admission appeal, can you make more than one appeal per year, who sits on the appeal panel, can you attend an appeal hearing and what to do if your appeal is unsuccessful.

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