School admissions

Who do I apply to for a school place for my child?

State maintained schools

The School Admissions Team deals with applications for places at state maintained, mainstream schools. Read more about how to apply.

Applications for places at other schools have to be made in the following ways:

Nursery schools or nursery places

Contact the nursery or the school directly using the East Riding School and Nursery Finder

Places in a school's sixth form

Contact the school directly using the East Riding School and Nursery Finder

Special educational needs

Read more about applications for special educational needs.

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How do I find out about schools in East Riding of Yorkshire?

You can find details of your local nurseries, primary and secondary schools via the East Riding School and Nursery Finder.

Alternatively, you can view school locations in the East Riding of Yorkshire using the downloadable pdf map:

East Riding School Finder Map (pdf 3mb opens in new window)

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How do I find out which catchment area my child is in?

Most schools in the East Riding of Yorkshire have a defined catchment area. Children living in a school's catchment area have a high priority for a place at the school.

If you would like to find out which is your catchment area school, use the East Riding School and Nursery Finder, then click on the 'catchment search' tab.

Some schools do not have catchment areas; these are the Roman Catholic primary schools in the area.  For details of the admissions arrangements for these schools, see the Admissions Guidance available below:

In-Year School Admissions Application Form and Guidance Note (pdf 214kb opens in new window)

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Can I apply for a place at a school that is not my catchment area school?

There is no reason why your child cannot go to a school in another catchment area, but if you are naming it as your first choice school, you should think carefully about what your chances are of getting a place. 

You should also be aware that if your child attends a school that is not their catchment area school, they will not normally be entitled to home to school transport  unless the school is nearer to your home than the catchment area school.

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How do I make an application for a school place?

If you want to apply for a place at a maintained mainstream school you will have to apply through the local authority responsible for the area where you live, even if you want a place for your child at a school in another local authority's area. You must only apply to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council's School Admissions Team if you live in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

If you want to make an application to East Riding of Yorkshire Council, there are two different ways to make your application, depending on your circumstances:

Normal school admissions

Normal school admissions are when a child is starting school for the first time, transferring from an infant school to a junior school at the end of year 2, or transferring from a primary school to secondary education at the end of year 6.

Read more about normal school admissions

In-year applications  

In-year applications are when a child is already attending a school and the parents want to move their child from one school to another, for example if the family has moved to a different area.

Read more about in-year applications.
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Who makes the decisions on my application?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council coordinates all admissions applications for maintained schools in East Riding of Yorkshire. School admission authorities will then make the decisions on who gets a place at the school. Most schools are community or voluntary -aided schools and the council is the admissions authority for these schools.

Academies, voluntary-aided and foundation schools are their own admission authorities and they make their own decisions on admissions.

For details on which type your school is please  read more about using the East Riding School and Nursery Finder which will supply you with this information.

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I am struggling to find a school. Can you give me any advice?

For most families, applying for a school is an easy and straight-forward matter, however, for some families, applying for a school place can be complicated because of various social, family or other reasons. 

The School Admissions Team is available to give advice and can answer most questions you might have. 

There is also a  Choice Advice service in place for parents who would benefit from more detailed advice and guidance on schools and how to apply for school places.

For more information, please contact the  Families Information Service Hub (FISH) by telephone on (01482) 396469 or email  fish@eastriding.gov.uk.

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How can I make an appeal against the allocation of a school place?

If you wish to make an appeal against an allocation of a school place you can do so by using the appeals form below: 

School Admissions Appeals Guidance and Form (pdf 186kb opens in new window)

Please note: Before completing this form, please read the guidance on  school admission appeals.

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What are the current arrangements for school admissions?

Each year, local authorities have to determine coordinated schemes for school admissions.  These schemes set out how parents must apply for school places and how decisions will be made about the school to which a child will be admitted. 

School admissions authorities have to determine admission arrangements which are used to decide how children will be prioritised if there are more applications for places at the school than there are places available.

The admission authority for community and voluntary controlled schools is the local authority. The admission authority for foundation or voluntary aided schools is the school’s governing body. For academies, the admission authority is the school’s governing body or the academy's trust.

The admission arrangements for all maintained schools in East Riding of Yorkshire for the 2014-2015 school year are detailed in the admission arrangements pdf below:

  Admission arrangements (pdf 256kb opens in new window)

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What are the admission arrangements for 2015/16?

The arrangements for 2015/16 admissions to schools can be seen in the document attached below:

Admission Arrangements and Scheme 2015-2016 (pdf 1mb opens in new window)

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What are the 2015/16 admissions arrangements for academies, foundation and voluntary aided schools?


The governing bodies of academies and foundation and voluntary-aided schools make decisions about their school's admission arrangements.  The 2015/2016 admission arrangements determined by these schools’ governing bodies can be seen by clicking on the link below.

Academies, foundation and voluntary aided schools admission arrangements 2015-16 (pdf 252kb opens in new window)


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What are the admission arrangements for 2016/17?

At its meeting on 7 April 2015, the cabinet of East Riding of Yorkshire Council determined the admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools and co-ordinated schemes to be used for 2016/17 school admissions.

Determined Admission Arrangements and Schemes 2016-2017 (pdf 419kb opens in new window)

Anyone wanting to make an objection to these determined admission arrangements must lodge their objection with the Schools Adjudicator by 30 June 2015.  Information about the Schools Adjudicator and how to submit an objection can be found at:

Office of the School Adjudicator (external website)
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How do I contact the School Admissions Team?

You can contact the School Admissions Team by using the methods below:

School Admissions Team
East Riding of Yorkshire Council 
County Hall 
HU17 9BA 
Tel: (01482) 392100
E-mail: admissions.transport@eastriding.gov.uk

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