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Family playing

Information about how to join and use our libraries, leisure centres, museums, archives services and galleries.  There is also information available on tourism and events in our area, including sport and play activities, and the arts - including theatre, festivals and training events.

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Librarian replacing books


How to use and join a library. Book clubs, study and information, library computers, facilities for teenagers and children, find your nearest library.

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People using sports equipment

Leisure centres and fitness

Information about the 11 leisure centres, other sport facilities available, find your nearest leisure centres.

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Archives, family and local history

Information about using our service, archive events, the online catalogue, browsing our archives, local and family history, caring for our documents, educational and professional uses.

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Sewerby Hall

Museums and Galleries

Information about the museum and galleries in the East Riding, partner museums, learning resources, collections, getting involved.

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Sewerby Hall

Tourism and attractions

Coastal attractions, East Yorkshire events, tourist information centres, and how to find your nearest centre.

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Event Driffield Show


Finding and booking events online, East Yorkshire events, other event information and capturing the East Riding.

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Hills and Sky

Countryside and walks

Places to visit, public rights of way, walking, riding and cycling.

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Children playing football

Sport and play

Clubs and activities, coaching and volunteering, play areas and parks, sport and play development in schools, and information for sports clubs.

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Theatre Curtains

The arts

Information about theatres and art centres, live performances, festivals and events, youth activities and training courses.

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The Treasure House

The Treasure House

Information about the coffee lounge, the gift shop, exhibitions and events, meeting rooms, learning resources.

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