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Archives, family and local history

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The archives and local studies service collects and looks after documents and local studies books about the East Riding of Yorkshire so that people can look at them and enjoy them. You can see collections in the archives and local studies research room of the Treasure House building in Beverley. If you would like to trace the history of your family, your house or local community, then we may be able to help you.

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Items in this section

Treasure House building in Beverley

Visiting us

Information on how to contact the archives service, when is it open, where to find it, where can you park and disabled access.

Items in this section

Archive services premises

Using our service

Information about booking, a readers ticket, using the research room, getting copies, charges, viewing closed documents, research, talks or tours and other facilities.

Browsing our archives

Ship painting from archives

What's in our archives

How to search our catalogue for records, parish registers, birth, marriage or death certificates, house/property history, film/sound archives and more.

Archives catalogue

Somebody using a mouse and keyboard

Online archives catalogue

All about our online archives catalogue, what's in it and how to use it.

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Lots of people

Volunteering with the archives service

Information on volunteering with the archives and local studies service.

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Man looking through a document

Family history

How to start tracing your family history, can you do it online, where to go, can you search at Bridlington and Goole libraries and are there family history classes.

Items in this section

Photograph of shop circa 1890

Local history

Help with local history, finding out about where you live, places in East Riding that are in Victoria County History and help in researching.

Items in this section


Giving us documents

Information on giving us documents, which places we collect documents for, collection policy, gift of documents, confidential documents, what happens to the documents, why we collect, how to give documents and collecting film, sounds and digital archives.

Items in this section

Archives professional resoring documents

Caring for our documents

Information about how we care for your collections, conservation, conservators, where collection are conserved, viewing the conservators, help care for collections, repair your documents and contact the conservator.

Items in this section

Archives and local studies sign

Educational and professional uses

Can you do academic research, help getting legal evidence, services offered to colleges and universities and what we offer schools.

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Archive events

Information about events that are held, how to book and how much do events cost.

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