Using the online archives catalogue

What is the online archives catalogue?

The online archives catalogue is a searchable database of the documents and books held in our collections.

Please note: Due to essential upgrade work on our system, the online catalogue is currently unavailable.

We apologise for any inconvenience and hope to restore online access as soon as possible. 

You can search the online catalogue to find items of interest to you.

It lists brief details about our items so that you can request to view them in our research room.

Please note: The online catalogue does not contain images or copies of the documents and books themselves.

These are viewed in our research room at the Treasure House.

Visit the online catalogue (external East Riding website) 

You can also search the catalogue when you visit us in the research room, where a member of staff will be able to help you.

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What information is in the online catalogue?

The catalogue contains descriptions about all the archive collections and the local studies book collections.

It gives you a description of the item and the following fields:

  • Finding number
  • Title
  • Date (of an archive record)
  • Class number, author and publication date (for a local studies book)

The catalogue describes each document and has thousands of names in it, which can be useful for family historians.

Please note:  It is not a full index of all the names in all the documents.
For example, our catalogue will not have names from all the entries in baptism, marriage or burial registers, but it will tell you which collections of church records we hold and which registers are in them.

A list of records where names have been added is available here.

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How do I use your catalogue?

There are two main ways to search the catalogue:

  • Simple search
  • Advanced search

More details are available on the catalogue itself.

When searching the catalogue, you should follow these steps:

Please note: Due to essential upgrade work on our system, the online catalogue is currently unavailable.

We apologise for any inconvenience and hope to restore online access as soon as possible. 

 Visit the online catalogue (external East Riding website)

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Are local history books on your catalogue?

Yes, the catalogue has descriptions of various local history books available in the research room.  These include collections of books relating to:

  • Beverley
  • The East Riding
  • Other parts of Yorkshire
  • The Champney Bequest.  A special collection consisting of the private library of John Edward Champney, which was donated in 1929.

Thousands of books about local people and places are available to read in our research room and we constantly add items to the collections, so please continue to search the catalogue for new content.

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Are there any East Riding documents not in your catalogue?

Not all documents about the East Riding are held by East Riding of Yorkshire Council's archives and local studies service. Sometimes they can be found in other archives services, such as:

  • The National Archives, which holds records of national government, but will also have many documents about the East Riding
  • West Yorkshire Archive Service
  • North Yorkshire County Record Office
  • The Hull History Centre
  • Doncaster Archives and Local Studies
  • The Borthwick Institute at the University of York.

Please note:  East Riding documents may also be found in many other local or specialist archives services.
For example, if a noble family in Sussex owned large estates in the East Riding, the documents that relate to these estates will remain with the family and estate archive in Sussex.

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Are there any East Riding documents in the Hull History Centre?

There are East Riding documents held at the Hull History Centre, including some archive collections of large landowning families, which are kept there as part of the University of Hull archives.

The Hull History Centre catalogue (external website)

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Do you have any archives for Hull?

Yes, there are some important Hull archives held by the East Riding archives and local studies service.

This is partly because of how local government boundaries have been drawn up over the years and we used to be the 'Humberside County Record Office', holding archives for the old Humberside area.

The most important records are:

  • Hull parish registers. These are held with us because we act as the archive for parishes in the Archdeaconry of the East Riding.
  • Humberside County Council (1974-1996). We act as the archive for the old Humberside County Council, which included Hull and areas south of the Humber now North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire Councils.
  • Humberside Police. We act as the archive for Humberside Police, which includes the records of Hull City Police up to 1974.
  • Hull and East Riding Coroner. We act as the archive for the Hull and East Riding Coroner, which include archives of the Hull City Coroner up to 1974.
  • The East Riding Register of Deeds, which has records of deeds for land and property in the East Riding and Hull.

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Do you have any uncatalogued archives?

Yes, we do have some uncatalogued archives.

We are always receiving new collections to catalogue and properly describing a large archive can take a long time.

Although this means that there is a small backlog of archives that need to be listed, about 92% of the records held by us are in fact catalogued.

Some of the larger uncatalogued archives are still included in our online catalogue but there will only be a title and summary of the collection.

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What archives have you catalogued recently?

We receive about 200 new collections each year. 

A collection can be a single document or many boxes of documents.

These documents need to be catalogued before you can come and see them.

Each document is given its own 'finding number' and you can order documents using the archives service request form (opens in new window) to look at in our research room.

We are always adding new items to the catalogue. The list below shows you what has been listed recently.

For more detailed information on a collection, search the online catalogue using the 'finding number' of the collection, for example: 'DDX1663'. 

This will show you all the documents in that particular collection.

Collections recently listed

  • (GO) East Riding 'Goad' retail plans (1974-2014)
  • (NV5)Land Valuation Department, Inland Revenue maps (1911)
  • (VO) Various Orders collection, for local government authorities under East Riding County Council and Humberside County Council (1876-1993)
  • (DDX800) Independent Order of Oddfellows, Loyal Duke of Cumberland Lodge, North Ferriby, additional records (1866-1937)
  • (DDX1422) Peter Calvert's collection, mainly relating to Beverley, additional records (1940-1958)
  • (DDX2027) Broomfleet School postcards (photocopies) (circa 1912-1918)
  • (DDX2028) Leven Canal house-boats photographs on CD-ROM (1972)
  • (DDX2029) Driffield Navigation Amenities Association records (circa 1965-2013)
  • (DDX2030) East Riding Archaeological Society (ERAS) records (1961-2014)
  • (DDX2031) Bridlington local authority and other records (1864-1996)
  • (DDX2032) 'Old Photographs of Burton Pidsea' on DVD-ROM and 'Burton Pidsea 1953 and 1954' events film on DVD-ROM (circa 1870s-1950s)
  • (DDX2033) Humbleton Women's Institute records (1929-1941)
  • (DDX2035) Bridlington Primitive Methodist Church syllabus card (1928)
  • (PC18) Keyingham Parish Council, additional records (2004-2009)
  • (PE28) Marfleet parish (church), additional records (1995-2008).

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