Using the online archives catalogue

What is the archives catalogue?

The online catalogue is a list of the documents and books held in our collections. The online catalogue only provides brief details about the item, it does not contain images or specific information that is contained within the documents themselves. 

To view an item in you have found in the online catalogue, make a note of the item's finding number, then order the documents and request an appointment by completing the archives service request form (opens in a new window). Items are viewed in the research roomat the Treasure House.

Visit the online catalogue (external East Riding Website)

Alternatively when you come to the archives and local studies research room in the Treasure House and use the finding number of the document or book to order it.

What information is in the online catalogue

  • The catalogue has information about all the archive collections and some of the local studies book collections.
  • The catalogue gives you a description of the item with its finding number, title, date for an archive record or class number, author and publication date for a local studies book.
  • The catalogue describes each document, but it is not a big index of all the names in all the documents. For example, our catalogue will not have names from all the entries in baptism, marriage or burial registers. It will tell you which collections of church records we hold and which registers are in them.
  • The catalogue has thousands of names in it and can be useful for family historians. We have added personal names to some individual records. A list of records where names have been added is available here. Top of page

How do I use your catalogue?

There are two main ways to search the catalogue: simple and advanced searching. Further guidance is provided on the catalogue.

To view an item in our catalogue, make a note of the item's finding number, then order the documents and request an appointment by completing the archives service request form (opens in a new window)Items are viewed in the research roomat the Treasure House.

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Are local history books in your catalogue?

Yes they are, but the catalogue does not have all of the books in the collection yet.

  • The catalogue includes all the books in the Beverley collection.
  • The catalogue includes all the books in The Champney collection, a special collection consisting of the library of John Edward Champney donated as the Champney bequest in 1929.
  • We are currently working on the East Riding book collection.
  • We have also started work on the Yorkshire collection.
  • Our ambition is to to make the whole local studies book collection available on our online catalogue but this is a large task as many thousands of books need to be entered onto our database.
  • There is a card index catalogue of the local studies book collection but this can only been seen in the archives and local studies research room.

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Are there any East Riding documents not in your catalogue?

Not all documents about the East Riding are held by East Riding of Yorkshire Council's archives and local studies service. Sometimes they can be found in other archives.

  • There are documents about the East Riding in The National Archives, which holds records of national government, but will also have many documents about this area.
  • Documents about the East Riding can be held in other local archive offices in Yorkshire such as the West Yorkshire Archive Service, the North Yorkshire County Record Office, the Hull History Centre, Doncaster Archives and Local Studies or the Borthwick Institute at the University of York.
  • East Riding documents might be found in many other local or specialist archives. Archives do not always fall into local government boundaries and there is often a good reason why local documents might be somewhere else. For example, the family who lived at Petworth House in West Sussex owned large estates in the East Riding, but these documents are with their own family and estate archive in Sussex.
  • One way to find out where there are East Riding archives in other places is to search a national index of archives called 'Access to Archives', which is on The National Archives website.

Access to Archives (external website)

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Are there any East Riding documents in the Hull History Centre?

There are East Riding documents at the Hull History Centre. There are archives of East Riding families that were in the University of Hull archives, which are now in the Hull History Centre.

The Hull History Centre catalogue (external website)

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Do you have any archives for Hull?

Yes, there are some important Hull archives held in the East Riding.

This is due to how boundaries have been drawn up over the years or because we were the Humberside County Record Office and hold archives for Humberside as an area.

The most important are:

  • Hull parish registers. These are held with us because we act as the archive for parishes in the Archdeaconry of the East Riding.
  • Humberside County Council (1974-1996). We act as the archive for the old Humberside County Council, which included Hull and areas south of the Humber now North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire Councils.
  • Humberside Police. We act as the archive for Humberside Police, which includes the records of Hull City Police up to 1974.
  • Hull and East Riding Coroner. We act as the archive for the Hull and East Riding Coroner, which include archives of the Hull City Coroner up to 1974.
  • The East Riding Register of Deeds has deeds for land and property in the East Riding and Hull.

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Do you have any uncatalogued archives?

Yes, there are uncatalogued archives.

This is because we are always getting new collections to list and it can take a long time to list a large archive properly.

There is also a back-log of archives that need listing. About 92% of the records held by us are catalogued. Some of the bigger uncatalogued archives are still included in our online catalogue but there will only be a title and summary of the collection.

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What archives have you catalogued recently?

We receive about 200 new collections each year. They can be a single document or many boxes of documents.

These documents need to be catalogued before you can come and see them. Each document is given its own 'finding number' and you can order documents using the service request form (opens in a new window) to look at in our research room.

We are always adding new things to the catalogue. The list below shows you the collections that have been listed recently.

For more detailed information on a collection, search using the 'finding number' of the collection, for example: DDX1663, the online catalogue will show you all the documents in the archive.

Collections recently listed

  • DDX1663 Manor of Marsden, Reedness and Swinefleet, deeds 1623-1918 (4 boxes).
  • DDX1664 Alien registration papers relating to Hendrik Los (scanned copies) [1935].
  • DDX1665 Laxton and Skelton Women's Institute records 1926-1986 (2 boxes).
  • DDX1666 George Wetwan, solicitor, Bridlington, business and family records 1671-1896 (4 boxes).
  • DDX1667 Beverley Primitive Methodist Church plan of services 1929.
  • DDX1668 Alderman James Elwell insect collection catalogue 1906.
  • DDX1669 Miss Muriel Clayton, Beverley High School for Girls records 1946-1983.
  • DDX1670 Elizabeth Stephenson's Almshouses Charity, Tickton, and Susannah Fearnside's Charity records [1910]-2008 (3 boxes).
  • DDX1671 Blackburn Aircraft Company, Brough, printed records 1950-1979.
  • DDX1672 Harry Donald Chambers, engineer, records [1770]-2002 (7 boxes).

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