Register of definitive map modification order applications

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (external website) requires the council to keep a register of all applications for a Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO). This register must be made available to the public.

The Definitive Map and Statement is the official record of footpaths, bridleways, restricted byways and byways open to all traffic. A DMMO is the method by which Definitive Map and Statement can be changed, where it is believed that there is an error or omission. 

A DMMO cannot create access rights that do not currently exist, remove rights that do exist, or divert paths onto a preferred route. It is only concerned with modifying the Definitive Map to show the rights that legally exist.

This register contains details of each DMMO including it’s location, position in the application process and what any modification could entail, if successful. It will be updated as and when new applications are received or progress is made on those already on the register.

Application Ref NoSummaryParish
S140022Addition - footpath from Newbegin to Hall Garth Park, HornseaHornsea
S140021Addition - cul-de-sac bridleway from N end of Denton Lane N to parish boundaryHotham
S140006Correction - Footpath 5 in HothamHotham
S140052Additon of a BOAT and Restricted Byway along Denton LaneHotham
S140050Addition of a Restricted Byway from Beverley Road to South Newbald RoadHotham
S140094Add a Restricted Byway from Station Road, Howden to Eastrington Bridleway No 14...Howden
S140095Add a Restricted Byway from Eastrington Parish Boundary to the Brind Lane/Wood...Howden
S140079Add a circular footpath leading from Howden Marsh Nature Reserve Howden
S140080Add a footpath from Knedlington Road to Howden Marsh Nature ReserveHowden
S140099Add a Restricted Byway from Foxcovert Farm (SE 904555), Huggate to Green Lane...Huggate
S140100Upgrade part of Huggate Footpath No. 2 and Footpath No. 3 to Bridleway from SE...Huggate
S140101Upgrade Huggate Footpath No. 8 and Wetwang Footpath No. 12 to Bridleway Huggate
S140077Add a bridleway from Rotsea Lane to Bethells BridgeHutton Cranswick
S140014Addition - footpath from Keyingham to Winestead along disused railway lineKeyingham, Ottringham, Patrington
S140093Addition of Restricted Byway along Mortar Lane, Balkholme.Kilpin
S140074Add a Restricted Byway from Chapel Lane along Back lane and Beck Lane to the...Lockington
S140113Add a Restricted Byway along Throughleys Lane, MelbourneMelbourne
S140092Add a footpath from Molescroft Road to join Beverley Footpath No.4. Known as...Molescroft
S140037Addition of a Byway Open to All Traffic along Scrubwood LaneMolescroft
S140076Add a footpath along Spring Lane, NewbaldNewbald
Last Updated: Tuesday, 03 January 2017