Section 31(6) register

This is a register of highway statements and highway declarations that have been deposited under Section 31(6) of the 1980 Highways Act. These statements and declarations enable landowners to formally acknowledge public rights of way across their land and, in doing so, create a presumption that they have no intention to dedicate any further routes across their land.

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Unique ReferenceDescription of LandParishes
HA3160092Keldmarsh Nature ReserveWoodmansey
HA3160116South West of Hull RoadWoodmansey
HA3160091Lambwath GrassesWithernwick
HA3160131Lambwath, WithernwickWithernwick
HA3160090Haltemprice PrioryWillerby
HA316000219 Wolfreton Villas, AnlabyWillerby
HA3160148Land attached to Haggwood Grange and land adjacent to Haggwood Grange,...Wilberfoss
HA3160088Welwick Saltmarsh Nature ReserveWelwick
HA3160089Row FarmWelwick
HA3160084Nut WoodWelton
HA3160085Nut WoodWelton
HA3160086Melton Hill - Lot 2Welton
HA3160087Melton Hill - Lot 3Welton
HA3160128Nut WoodWelton
HA3160018Callis WoldWarter
HA3160083Warter EstateWarter
HA3160080Manor and Ousefleet FarmsTwin Rivers
HA3160081Common and Pasture FarmTwin Rivers
HA3160082Goole Fields and Park FarmTwin Rivers
HA3160079Pulfin Nature ReserveTickton
Last Updated: Tuesday, 03 January 2017