Section 31(6) register

This is a register of highway statements and highway declarations that have been deposited under Section 31(6) of the 1980 Highways Act. These statements and declarations enable landowners to formally acknowledge public rights of way across their land and, in doing so, create a presumption that they have no intention to dedicate any further routes across their land.

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Unique ReferenceDescription of LandParishes
HA3160038Kiplingcotes Chalk PitGoodmanham
HA316000ALand forming part of Rectory Farm, GoodmanhamGoodmanham
HA3160042Staddlethorpe Pond, Broad LaneGilberdyke
HA3160041The Raisthorpe EstateFridaythorpe, Wetwang
HA3160040Brewery FarmFoston, North Frodingham
HA3160039Land east of Flamborough VillageFlamborough
HA3160099Land east of Flamborough villageFlamborough
HA3160093Mill FarmFangfoss, Yapham
HA3160147Land off Old Green Lane and Newbridge Lane, WilberfossFangfoss, Wilberfoss
HA3160151Pooks Hill, Main Street, Bolton, ERY, YO41 5QSFangfoss
HA3160095Land in Millington, Warter, Everingham and NunburnholmeEveringham, Millington, Nunburnholme, Warter
HA3160037Abbey IngsEllerton
HA3160036Allotment GardensEllerker
HA3160035Elm Tree FarmEastrington, Gilberdyke
HA3160062Beacon Lagoons, KinseaEasington
HA3160033NG No. 8700Driffield
HA3160034Outgangs, Beechwood, DriffieldDriffield
HA3160135Land to the north of Long Lane, DriffieldDriffield
HA3160115Land off Long Lane, DriffieldDriffield
HA3160150Land along the east bank of the River Derwent between East Cottingwith and...Cottingwith, Ellerton
Last Updated: Tuesday, 03 January 2017