Section 31(6) register

This is a register of highway statements and highway declarations that have been deposited under Section 31(6) of the 1980 Highways Act. These statements and declarations enable landowners to formally acknowledge public rights of way across their land and, in doing so, create a presumption that they have no intention to dedicate any further routes across their land.

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Unique ReferenceDescription of LandParishes
HA3160139Swine EstateConiston, Ellerby, Riston, Skirlaugh, Swine, Wawne
HA3160019Low Catton IngsCatton
HA3160020Black WoodCatton
HA3160014St Paul's WoodBurton Pidsea
HA3160015St Paul's WoodBurton Pidsea
HA3160016GlaramaraBurton Pidsea
HA316001724 Kissing GateBurton Pidsea
HA3160123St Paul's WoodBurton Pidsea
HA3160013Westfield FarmBurton Fleming
HA3160011Nora's WoodBridlington
HA3160012Nora's WoodBridlington
HA3160127Nora's WoodBridlington
HA3160101Yokefleet EstateBlacktoft, Laxton
HA3160119Land at Faxfleet Grange, FaxfleetBlacktoft
HA3160118Land at Faxfleet Grange FarmBlacktoft
HA3160117Faxfleet Grange FarmBlacktoft
HA3160008Faxfleet Grange FarmBlacktoft
HA3160009Faxfleet GrangeBlacktoft
HA3160010Faxfleet GrangeBlacktoft
HA3160140Garrowby Estate and Haywold EstateBishop Wilton, Bugthorpe, Fangfoss, Kirby Underdale, Millington
Last Updated: Tuesday, 03 January 2017