Details of Declaration
Unique Reference
Description of Land
Elm Tree Farm
Description of Effect of Declaration
Vehicular highways shown in yellow, bridleways show in black, footpaths shown in brown, no additional ways have been dedicated as highways
Date Deposit18 May 1993
Date Stat Dec cease to have effect20 May 1999
Location Details
Grid Ref (Mid Point)
SE 806 308
DN14 7QE DN14 7QW DN14 7QJ DN14 7PN DN14 7QL DN14 7QU DN14 7PL DN14 7PT DN14 7QF DN14 7PH DN14 7PS DN14 7SQ DN14 7LZ DN14 7PJ DN14 7PX DN14 7QQ DN14 7QS HU15 2UW HU15 2XR DN14 7PW DN14 7QH
  • Eastrington
  • Gilberdyke
Local Villages/Hamlets
Eastrington Sandholme
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