Details of Declaration
Unique Reference
Description of Land
Warter Estate
Description of Effect of Declaration
Paths coloured red, no other ways have been dedicated as public highway.
Date Deposit21 June 1994
Date Stat Dec cease to have effect20 June 2000
Location Details
Grid Ref (Mid Point)
SE 873 513
YO25 9DB YO42 1XB YO42 1XS YO42 1XW YO42 1XZ YO42 1YS YO42 1TX YO42 1XF YO42 1XU YO25 9EP YO42 1QZ YO42 1XE YO42 1XJ YO42 1XP YO42 1XY YO42 1YT YO43 3LS YO42 1XG YO42 1QY YO42 1XD YO25 9EN YO42 1TH YO42 1XA YO43 3LL YO25 9BU YO25 9XA YO42 1TJ YO42 1XR YO4
  • Warter
Local Villages/Hamlets
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