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Driffield Show event

Find out how to book events in your area online, East Yorkshire events, capturing the East Riding and other upcoming events such as the Tour de Yorkshire cycling event.

You can even submit your own event!

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Calendar and pencil

Find, submit and book events online

Information about the East Riding events system, using the system, paying for an event, submitting an event and finding the East Riding managed entertainment venues.

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Schools Out 2016

Summer holiday activities

School's Out is a programme of activities provided by a wide range of organisations, including the council, for children and young people during the summer school holidays.

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EY Events website

East Yorkshire events

Information about what EY Events is, the events they organise, how to find out more and events that are coming up. 

A road closure sign

Organising an event on council land

How to organise street parties, galas, fireworks displays and more.

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Bonfire, firework and Halloween safety advice

Advice and guidance for enjoying and staying safe throughout Bonfire night and Halloween.

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Camera Lens

Capturing the East Riding

Information about East Riding of Yorkshire Council's recent Capturing the East Riding photography competition. 

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Cycle race

Tour de Yorkshire

Information about the Tour de Yorkshire cycle event, how you can watch and take part, see the route the race will follow, how local roads will be affected and more about cycling in the East Riding.

Find, book and pay online

Countryside events 2016

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