Keeping fit

How do I go about keeping fit?

There are lots of ways you can keep fit in the East Riding. There are various gyms and fitness classes on offer throughout the area at your local leisure centre. You can go for a walk, try swimming, discover cycle routes or join a sports team. 

There are many ways to make keeping fit fun and the benefits to be had are fantastic. Read on to find out more.

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Why should I keep fit?

There are many positives benefits which include: 

  • helps aid weight loss or maintain healthy weight
  • keeping physically active helps keep your joints and body organs in good working condition
  • increases your brain activity and energy levels 
  • improves your immune system which aids fighting disease and infection 
  • helps you relax and deal with stress and anxiety better 
  • gives you more energy so you don’t feel run down as easily
  • boosts your self-confidence since you look and feel better
  • improves your quality of sleep.

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What types of activities can I do to keep fit?


Choose from one of a great range of scenic walks in the East Riding to suit walkers of all levels.

Our Walking the Riding website has hundreds of mapped out walks for you to choose from:

Find a local walk – Walking the Riding (external East Riding website)

There are also many wild walks on offer through the Wildlife Trust website:

Find a ‘wild walk’ – Wildlife Trust (external website)

Cycling outdoors

The East Riding is home to a wide range of cycling routes, from steady flatlands to vigorous and challenging hill climbs. Take a look at our ‘Walking the Riding’ website to choose one that’s right for you (use the Advanced Search):

Find a cycling route – Walking the Riding (external East Riding website)

Indoor cycling

We also offer indoor cycling at many of our gyms. To find your nearest leisure centre offering indoor cycling please use our exercise class finder link below:

  Indoor cycling classes 


You could go for a swim at one of our leisure centres. We also offer several swimming classes, such as Aqua Fit, Aqua Jog and Aqua Zumba. If you can’t swim we also offer swimming lessons!

For the kids, we offer junior swimming lessons, and our Aqua Babes courses offer a perfect introduction to swimming for toddlers.

  Swimming classes

Exercise classes

Join one of many exciting fitness classes. We have over 50+ classes to choose from at many of our leisure centres. To find the perfect class to suit you, use our fitness class finder:

  Exercise class finder


Joining a gym can be one of the most rewarding ways of keeping fit. There are 11 different gyms at various leisure centres throughout the East Riding of Yorkshire to choose from. To find your nearest gym use our leisure centre finder:

  Leisure centre finder

Sports activities

Local leisure centres offer a wide variety of sport activities such as football, tennis, squash and badminton. Use our local leisure centre finder to discover the nearest one to you:

  Leisure centre finder

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Are there ways to keep fit for free? 

Fitness doesn't have to be about joining a gym or spending money on fitness classes. There are many small lifestyle changes you can make to incorporate fitness into your life, which needn't cost you anything.

You could consider:

  • walking – a simple, healthy form of exercise that can fit easily into a busy schedule
  • cycling to school, work or college each day
  • jogging or running just a few times a week can greatly improve your fitness
  • there are many free workouts that can be watched directly from YouTube, or from your TV at home.

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