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Between 29 September and 21 December 2015, East Riding of Yorkshire Council undertook a consultation exercise on the future of our library service. We have carefully analysed the 7,780 responses that we received and this document details our approach to the review of libraries that we have been undertaking and outlines our proposal for the future of the library service and multi service centres. It sets out the key factors we have considered in developing our proposal which fully takes into account what you told us during the previous consultation.

This proposal is split into 6 sections.

In this proposal...

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Section 1 - The financial challenge

This section describes the financial challenge faced by the council.

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Section 2 - The library service and multi service centres

This section describes the East Riding’s library service and multi service centre provision.

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Section 3 - Our approach

This section details the approach and rationale that the council has used to review the library service. and its multi service centres.

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Take part in the libraries consultation

Section 4 - Consultation findings

This section sets out the findings from the consultation
exercise undertaken in 2015.

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Section 5 - Our proposal

This section provides details of the proposal which we
are consulting you on.

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Completing form

Section 6 - Consultation

This section explains how to take part in the consultation.

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Current and proposed opening times

Find out about the proposed changes to your local library services as a result of the recent consultation about the future of the council's libraries service across the East Riding of Yorkshire.

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Useful documents

Download documents which provide information to support the libraries and multi service centres consultation and proposal.

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