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Using the library

You can reserve or renew your library books online

Visit the library catalogue

What can I borrow from the library?

You can borrow up to 12 books, 4 eBooks, 8 audio books, 4 eAudiobooks, 8 DVDs and 8 CDs at any one time.

Search the library catalogue for the items you would like to order.

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How can I borrow an eBook?

Go to the library catalogue and follow the link to eBooks.

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How can I borrow an eAudiobook?

Go to the library catalogue and follow the link to eAudiobooks.

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How do I renew my library books and other items?

You can renew your:

  • Books
  • Audiobooks
  • CDs
  • DVDs 

Up to three times as long as they are not on a waiting list for another library customer.

You can renew or reserve library items by following the links on our library catalogue.

You can renew your eAudiobooks by logging in to our eAudiobook website (external website)

Due to licensing restrictions it is not possible to renew eBooks.

Renew or reserve your items online

You will need your library card number and PIN.

Don't have a PIN? Information on how to get your PIN is available on the join the library page.

You can also renew your items (except for eBooks and eAudiobooks) by contacting your local library with your library card number. For details of your nearest library including contact telephone number, please use our library finder:

Find a library or mobile library 

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Do I have to pay if my library loans are late?

Under 18s and senior citizens do not pay overdue charges. With your library card number and PIN you can sign up in Your Account for a reminder by text or email that your loans are due back in three days time.

Charges for overdue items - per item, per week or part week

£0.10 per day open in first week to 50p, 50p per week thereafter. £10 maximum overdue charge per item. Senior Citizens, children, teenagers, young adults, users of mobile libraries do not pay charges on overdue items

A full list of library fees and charges is available on the library fees and charges page.

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How long can I borrow library books and other items for?

Books, audiobooks and CDs can be borrowed for up to 21 days. DVDs
are borrowed for seven days.

You can check which items you have on loan and when they are due for return by signing into Your Account using your library card and PIN. You will then be able to renew your items online. 

You can sign up for a free text or email to remind you three days before your loans are due for return. Please note if you wish to receive a text alert you will need to keep your mobile phone switched on, as messages can not be re-sent and will not wait in your inbox. You may prefer to opt for an email reminder if your mobile phone is often switched off.

You can also check the date stamped on the label inside the cover of your book. If you borrowed your item from a self service library, you will have been offered a receipt with the due for return date.

You can select the loan period for eBooks and eAudiobooks (up to a maximum of 21 days) when you download them.

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How do I tell the library if I have changed my address or contact details?

If you have moved home, bring a current proof of address to any library with your name, new address and signature.  For example, your updated driving licence which has all three, or a current utility bill and a bank card. A member of staff will be happy to alter your membership details.

If you have changed your email address or telephone number you can alter your details by signing into your personal account with your library card and PIN.

To locate your nearest library, please use our library finder.

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What do I do if I lose my library card, books or other items?

Please notify your local library in person or by telephone as soon as you notice your card or library loans are missing.  Staff will be able to cancel your card to ensure no one else can use it.

To locate your nearest library, please use our library finder.

If you have lost or damaged an item you may be charged up to the full replacement cost. When you contact your local library, staff will be able to help you, or renew the item to give you longer to search for it.

If you have lost or damaged a book from the inter library loan system or the British Library the replacement charge will be decided by that organisation. Your local library will find out the replacement charge for you.

Charges for lost or damaged library materials

All items in print

Full cost to replace the item.

Antiquarian, unique or special items

At the director’s discretion.

Out of print material

At the director’s discretion.

Items borrowed from outside the Authority

At cost to department.

Lost library membership cards

£1.50 per replacement.

A full list of library fees and charges is available on the library fees and charges page.

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Can I ask someone else to collect, return or renew my library loans for me?

Yes, you can trust a friend or family member with your library card, but you are still responsible for any books taken in your name.

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What fees and charges are there for the Library Service?

It is free to join the library, borrow books and other items, and to use the Digital Reference Library. However there are some charges.

A full list of library fees and charges is available on the library fees and charges page.

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