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Information about independent museums in the East Riding of Yorkshire

Does the council have links with other museums in the East Riding?

The East Riding Museums Service works closely with a number of the independent, not-for-profit museums in the East Riding. In many cases this involves a member of the Museums Service acting as a consultant mentor offering advice and support to the independent museum to help them to improve their management and operations.

Both the East Riding Museums Service and these independent museums also operate as part of the wider network of Museum Development Yorkshire, supported by a Museum Development Officer who advises on ways of providing improved services to museum visitors.

To find out more about Museum Development Yorkshire visit the York Museums Trust website.

Museum Development Yorkshire (external website)

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Where are the independent museums?

The following museums are partners of the East Riding museums service:

Burton Constable Hall

Burton Constable Hall (external website)

Hornsea Museum

Hornsea Museum (external website)

The Wagoners' Museum - Sledmere House

Museum of the Wagoner's Special Reserve at Sledmere House (external website)

North Frodingham Local History Museum

Located in The Heritage Chapel in North Frodingham Cemetery (Townside road, YO25 8LE), this museum is open on Sunday afternoons (2pm-4pm) from April until the end of September and offers collections relating to the domestic, commercial and farming history of the local area. There is also a display showing aspects of Frodingham's development over the centuries.

RAF Holmpton

RAF Holmpton (external website)

Southburn Museum

Southburn Museum (external website)

Stewart Museum at Burnby Hall Gardens

Stewart Museum at Burnby Hall Gardens (external website)

The Bayle Museum

The Bayle Museum (external website)

Withernsea Lighthouse Museum

Withernsea Lighthouse Museum (external website)

Yorkshire Waterways Museum

Yorkshire Waterways Museum (external website)

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