Sports clubs

How can I find my local sports club?

You can find a sports club by using our sports club finder page. Simply type in the sport or area of the East Riding you wish to search for and all the accredited clubs registered with us will be shown.

There are over 100 sports clubs listed. The search facility will give you the name of the club, contact details, the facility where the club is based, and what age group the club caters for.

Please note: We only promote clubs that have an accreditation scheme in place, either the East Riding Club Accreditation Scheme (ERCAS), Clubmark or another National Governing Body accreditation. Clubs with an accreditation scheme can prove that they have a safe, child-friendly environment.

You can also view an up to date list of all the accredited clubs in the East Riding:

Accredited clubs in the East Riding (word 264kb opens in new window)

If your club does have an accreditation scheme in place but is not listed on the sports club finder or accredited clubs list, please contact the Sport, Play and Arts admin team on (01482) 392545

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