Care and support for adults

Older woman and carer

‘Care and support’ is the term we use to describe the help some adults need to live as well as possible with any illness or disability they may have. This section covers a range of social care services for adults and their families and carers, including information on accessing and paying for services. 

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Older woman and carer

Social care services

Information on how to access social care services, how a personal budget is allocated and used, and how much/if you will have to pay for care services.

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Older woman with carer

Care, support and safety at home

Services to support your independence at home, including support from home care providers, safety monitoring services (Lifeline), equipment and adaptations to your home and support following a stay in hospital.

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Older woman and carer

Residential care services

How to choose the right residential care home for your needs, and how to find care homes in your area.

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Community care services and activities

Information on day care centres for adults, how to find activities in your area for older and disabled people, and community-run care alternatives to residential and home care services (Shared Lives).

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Support for unpaid carers, support for young carers and how you can take short breaks from your care responsibilities through respite care.

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Safeguarding adults

Who to contact about a neglected or abused adult, what is abuse, what happens when a referral is made, will anyone find out and where to get more information. 

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The Care Act

Details of the Care Act law, when it comes into place and what it means for East Riding residents.

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Your feedback

How to complain, praise or make a suggestion, what happens if you make a complaint, what to do if your not happy with the outcome, what difference will you make and will staff be sacked.

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