Care and support for adults

Older woman and carer

This section covers a range of social care services for adults and their families and carers, including information on accessing and paying for services. 

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Older woman and carer

Accessing social care

Information on how to get support, advice and access, are you eligible to receive help, if your not eligible, assessment process and where to find more information.

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Older woman with carer

Care in your own home

Information on homecare (domiciliary care), home safety service, housing-related support, lifeline and short-term assessment and re-ablement service.

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Older woman and carer

Residential care homes

Information on a list of care homes, the care directory, how to choose and pay for a care home, are short breaks offered,  express a concern or complain and alternatives to residential homes.

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Older couple

Safeguarding adults

Who to contact about a neglected or abused adult, what is abuse, what happens when a referral is made, will anyone find out and where to get more information. 

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Daytime opportunities

Information on what activities are available, your nearest day centre, do you need your own transport and how to pay for and access these activities.

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Older person with her carer

Support for you and your carer

How to access services for carers, support that is available and who is eligible for these services.

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Shared lives

What the shared lives scheme is, how to access it, become a shared lives carer and can you meet the carers before a stay.

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Older woman and carer

Young carers

Information on what a young carer is, primary or secondary carers, where to get support, aims of service providers, financial support and other related services.

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Choosing  services

Information on how to choose a service, contact the disability and carers service, will you have to sell your house and what to do if you are not satisfied.

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Paying for services

Information on do you have to pay, cost of respite, direct payment/personal budget payments, moving to a residential home, your savings and capital, waiting for financial assessment, should you stop paying invoices, not receiving usual amount of care, changing or stopping your home care package and who to inform to cancel a home care call.

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Your feedback

How to complain, praise or make a suggestion, what happens if you make a complaint, what to do if your not happy with the outcome, what difference will you make and will staff be sacked.

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