Care in your own home

Older woman and carer

There are a range of services that are available to support you in maintaining independence in your own home. If your circumstances have recently changed, or you do not feel that you are able to cope, then some of these services may be available to you.

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Older couple and carer

Home care (Domiciliary)

What is home (domicilary) care, who provides it, find out about agencies and how to pay for it.

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Older couple

Housing related support

What housing related support is, the type of help, who can access the service and who provides it and who to contact.

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Lifeline monitor


Information on what is available, who can benefit, how much does the service cost and how to access the service.

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Short term assessment and re-ablement service (STARS)

Information on what STARS is, what the assessment process involves, intermediate care, paying for the services, how to complain and how to access the service. 

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