Short term assessment and re-ablement service (STARS)

What is STARS?

STARS stands for the short term assessment and re-ablement service.

The STARS team provide support to people in their own homes, usually for up to six weeks, and support people of all ages. During this time the team also assess people to see what future support they might need.

There are 2 main types of service we provide:

  • assessment service
  • intermediate care.

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What does the assessment service involve?

We provide a responsible and flexible service to individuals in their own homes. The team offers assistance and encouragement with practical and personal care to support people in order to maximise their level of independence through an intensive assessment programme. If you receive short term assessment and re-ablement services, you will be financially assessed and means tested in line with the council's charging policy.

We provide services to:

  • support individuals in regaining as much independence as possible
  • prevent inappropriate admission to hospital or care home
  • respond quickly to support a person or their carer when there is a crisis at home.

Following the assessment period, if it is decided that longer term help is required, this will be arranged by the council, but will be provided by private companies.

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What is intermediate care?

Intermediate care is a service to help people to complete a programme of rehabilitation which has been devised by therapy and nursing staff.  This service is provided by a joint health and social services team.  Multi-agency meetings are held weekly to discuss clients' progress and needs to promote independence.

This service is provided to :

  • enable a person safe and early discharge from hospital
  • prevent people having to go into hospital
  • provide a safe living environment with the provision of relevant equipment and adaptations
  • reduce dependency in the community
  • carry out an assessment of the service user’s progress and needs with a team of experienced care workers, who work closely with and under the instruction of qualified therapy staff
  • organise ongoing care with a preferred agency, if an assessment identifies ongoing needs.

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Will I have to pay for the services I receive?

The welfare rights service will carry out a financial assessment as soon as possible following agreement of the service to help determine the cost of the package of care.  A service record sheet will be taken into the home on commencement of the service; this will be completed by staff on each visit and signed by you. 

You will keep a copy and a copy will be returned by staff to the branch office where it is forwarded to the business unit who will then issue an invoice. Payments can be made by cheque, direct debit or by visiting any customer service centre.

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What if I have reason to complain about the service?

If you wish to provide any feedback on the service you receive, please visit the customer feedback page.

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How do I access the STARS services?

You cannot directly request a service from STARS, you will be referred through the appropriate adult care management team.

Further information can be found on the accessing social care page.

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