Choosing adult care services

Can I have more details on each of the care options and what I and others need to do depending on the chosen option?

You have had your assessment, you know what your Individual Budget will be, and you have planned how you want to spend it. This page gives a little more detail on each of the options open to you and what you and others will need to do depending on the option you have chosen. This is for guidance only, you can seek more detailed information if you want it from your care management worker or any other organisation or person of your choice.

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How do I spend my Individual Budget?

  • You can have the Individual Budget in cash and organise your own support yourself, through a direct payment - this is known as a Cash Individual Budget
  • You can choose someone else to organise your support for you (they may want paying for this) - this is known as a Managed Individual Budget
  • You can choose to have the council organise your support with no cash changing hands - this is known as a Virtual Individual Budget
  • You can have a mixture of any of the options described above.

You will be able to get advice from care management or from other people about which option or mix of options is best for you.

The Cash Individual Budget option means that you have the money to organise your own support - it might be that you will employ your own staff, or hire whatever support you need. You will be offered help if you need it to both set this up and manage it longer term to make it as straightforward as possible.

You will be in control of your own support and people will work for you!

If you choose someone else to manage your Individual Budget or ask the council to spend it for you, you will still be in charge of how it is spent - you are the customer!

Whoever provides or assists with your support is there to help you and should listen to you and respect your opinions in organising your support.

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What do I ned to know about a Cash Individual Budget?

  • It will be paid on a 4 weekly basis usually but this can differ depending on what you arrange with your care management worker
  • You will need to set up a bank account for this, but if your Individual Budget is managed by a third party it can be paid directly to them if you wish
  • You will use this bank account to pay in your own contribution (if you have to pay one)
  • You will need to keep evidence of what you spend, for example receipts, invoices, copies of staff wage slips, copies of time sheets. You will receive detailed information about this and help in setting up your records. You will be told how often you need to provide this information and who to give it to. This is usually quite simple
  • The council will ask to reclaim any unspent funds or money that has been spent on things that were not in the support plan
  • If you employ your own staff you will need to take out Employee Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance. The cost of this can be met from your Individual Budget and you will get some advice on how to take out this insurance
  • If you employ staff you are strongly recommended to carry out a Criminal Record Bureau check (CRB) on any person you intend to employ. This will tell you if the person has committed any crimes that would make them unsuitable to provide your care. The council will pay for these checks and advise you how to go about it. If you choose not to do this then you will be asked to sign a waiver
  • You are strongly recommended to take up employer and character references for people that you employ.

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What do I need to know about a Managed Individual Budget?

There are several different ways of doing this and you will choose the option to suit you and your circumstances.

You may choose to receive the Individual Budget into your bank account yourself and pass it on to someone to manage, or you may choose for the money to go direct to the person or organisation managing your support.

You can choose a family member or friend to manage your support and they will need to take note of the things above in the Cash Individual Budget – for example they will need to provide statements of what they spend the money on, etc.

You could choose an organisation who will spend the money as agreed in the support plan and they will need to produce evidence at your review that they have done so and that your needs have been met. You must note that they may charge a management fee for doing this, which must be paid from your Individual Budget.

You can also have a Managed Individual Budget through for example an Independent Living Trust, or an Individual Service Fund – these options will be discussed and agreed with you when your IB is decided.

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What do I need to know about a Virtual Individual Budget (one that is managed by the local authority)?

With this option you will know what your Individual Budget will be but you choose for the local authority to continue to spend it on services that they either provide in house or commission on your behalf.

You will still have a support plan and the local authority must spend your Individual Budget on the support you identified in the plan. They must ensure that they get value for money and you must be satisfied with your support. You will know exactly what the money is being spent on.

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How do I choose a service?

We have, because of the government’s ‘putting people first’ initiative, changed the way social care is organised. ‘Putting East Riding people first’ has been introduced, which is a way of putting you in control of your care and support.

Anyone who is eligible for a social care service is now able to access a personal budget. This can be provided in several ways:

  • you can be given a cash amount, so that you can arrange your own care
  • someone else can manage your care on your behalf
  • the council can arrange your care on your behalf.

The following leaflet contains information on the different options, and how they affect you:

Arranging your support (pdf 470kb opens in new window)

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How can I contact the disability and carers service?

The Department for Work and Pensions website has information about the disability carers service.

You can also choose a contact number regarding your query using their contact page. 

Department for Work and Pensions - Disability carers service (external website)

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If I go into residential care will I have to sell my house?

No, but the value of your home may form part of the financial assessment. 

The following pdf document explains the financial assessment in detail.

Financial assessment information (pdf 378kb opens in new window)

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