Vulnerable children education team (VCET)

The vulnerable children education team (VCET) is responsible for all aspects of access to education and educational progress of vulnerable pupils, particularly children and young people who are looked after.

Who are the vulnerable children education team (VCET)?

The VCET is responsible for all aspects of access to education and educational progress of vulnerable pupils, particularly children and young people who are looked after by the local authority.

This includes:

  • managing and being responsible for the statutory duties of East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Virtual School for Looked After Children
  • managing the allocation of and the effective use of the Pupil Premium Grants to support vulnerable children
  • championing the educational achievement of vulnerable groups by offering constructive challenge and support
  • monitoring and challenging the access to education for vulnerable groups and ensuring all parties know and follow statutory guidance.

How is the VCET staffed?

The VCET is made up of the following staff:

  • Virtual School Head Teacher
  • Virtual School Deputy Head
  • Education Welfare Officer (North Area)
  • Education Welfare Officer  (West Area)
  • Education Welfare Officer   (East Area)
  • Technical Officer

The VCET are based in County Hall in Beverley and has been in place in the East Riding since September 2015.

There are three Educational Welfare Officers (EWOS) who are responsible for organising and chairing the Personal Education Plan meetings which take place every term. Each EWO is linked to schools in the three geographical areas of the East Riding. In addition, the EWO attends PEP meetings for all East Riding CLA when a child is placed outside the East Riding Local Education Authority.

Children Looked After (CLA) are often referred to as children in care.

The East Riding is a net importer of CLA and has taken on the role of supporting the admissions of other local authority CLA in order to facilitate a smooth transition into education. 

Email: education.welfare@eastriding.gov.uk
Tel: (01482) 392149

What is the virtual school for looked after children?

As a Corporate Parent, East Riding of Yorkshire Council recognises that it is important to support and promote the education of children looked after and to encourage children and young people to aspire and achieve in order for them to realise their potential.

Local authorities have a statutory responsibility to make sure that they promote the educational achievements of the children they look after, regardless of where they are placed. This means that we must consider the educational implications of every decision taken about a child’s care and placement. This reflects our wider role as a Corporate Parent – local authorities must strive to offer all the support that a good parent would give in order to make sure that the children they look after reach their full potential. Having a virtual school is one of the key ways in which we can demonstrate that we are doing our statutory duty.

For more information about the virtual school please contact:

Email: education.welfare@eastriding.gov.uk
Tel: (01482) 392149

Pupil Premium Plus guidance for head teachers and designated teachers

Pupil Premium Plus Guidance for Head teachers and Designated Teachers for the 2015-2016 Financial Year (word 64kb opens in a new window)

Last Updated: Thursday, 22 February 2018