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How can I get involved in my local community?

If you are a young person and want a voice about issues that effect young people then you may be interested in joining your local youth forum or being a member of the East Riding Youth Voice.


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What is a Local Youth Forum?

Young people across the county, with the help of their local youth advisor are being invited to speak out by getting together to form youth forums in their local areas.

The young people can get together to talk about any issue that affects them. The meetings should be fun but productive. They should meet the needs of the young people and can be formal, such as around a table or they can be informal, such as out on the streets. The young people can involve community representatives to help them with local projects and campaigns.

 You can join any one of the Youth Forums that are held across the East Riding by attending a meeting.  A staff member of YFS will be in attendance to support the forums so that you can share your views and shape the future.

Please see the attachments below for details of upcoming meetings in your area;

Youth Forums North Area (pdf 526kb opens in new window)

Youth Forums East Area (pdf 504kb opens in new window)

Youth Forums West Area (pdf 399kb opens in new window)

If you have any questions, please contact the Youth and Family Support service:

Email: yfs@eastriding.gov.uk.
Tel: (01482) 392824

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What is the East Riding Youth Voice?

The East Riding Youth Support Service is creating new and exciting opportunities for schools and young people in the county and we would very much like your school to be part of this and the new and exciting developments in the East Riding with regards to the way young people have a voice in the county.

The East Riding Youth Voice will be made up of young people from all over the county and will represent the views of the young people from their respective school and local Youth Forum.

The Youth Voice will meet in an evening on a bi monthly basis to meet with policy and decision makers, take part in campaigns, discuss areas of concerns, share good practice and information with other young people from other areas.

If you have any questions, please contact the Youth and Family Support service
Tel: (01482) 392824

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