Crime and community safety

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The East Riding Community Safety Partnership is committed to making sure East Riding is a safe place to live and work. We offer advice on preventing and reporting crime and anti-social behaviour, dealing with drug and alcohol addiction and helping victims of domestic abuse.

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Anti-social behaviour

Information about what anti-social behaviour is, what you can do to help tackle it and how we can help, tools and powers and where to get further information.

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Domestic violence

What adult and children services can do to help with domestic violence and what prevention of domestic abuse is.

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Preventing crime

How to keep you and your property safe, protecting your car or van, safety on the Internet, protecting your business, getting involved with your Neighbourhood Watch group. Explains what Farm Watch and Pub Watch are, how we help victims and prevention of terrorism.

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Reporting a crime

Information on ways of reporting crimes, what to do if you are suffering from harassment, what hate crime is, ideas for community payback, problems with ten-foot/alley and how your area is policed.

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Tackling drugs and alcohol

What to do if you get in trouble with the law and you have a drug problem and how to get help with tackling your drug and alcohol problem.

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Criminal Record Checks

This page contains information about applying for a Disclosure and Barring Service check.

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Neighbourhood Watch groups

What a Neighbourhood Watch group is, where the groups are in the East Riding and how to set up a new Neighbourhood Watch group.

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Preventing Terrorism

Information about the Government's strategy to prevent and deal with terrorism, and the councils role in this.

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