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A death must be registered in the district in which it occurred within 5 days, unless the Coroner is involved. If the death occurred elsewhere we may be able to arrange a registration by declaration at any of our offices.

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Information about where and when to register a death, who can register, the information required and costs of death certificates.

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Still births

Where, when and who can register a still birth.

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Civil funerals

Advice on where civil funerals and scattering of ashes ceremonies can be held, how these ceremonies are created, who conducts the ceremonies, and costs.

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Burial and cremation

Information on where cremations take place, arranging a burial, arrangements for a civil funeral, claiming for funeral expenses, what to do if a death took place abroad, taking a body out of the country, exhuming a body and no family to arrange a funeral.

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Home burials

Are home burials legal, who you should contact, will you need planning permission, what to do if you are selling your house and information about any physical constraints.

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Graveyard and church


Information on what cemeteries are maintained by us, your nearest cemetery, opening times, do we run crematoria, cemetery charges, arranging a burial, purchasing a grave or burial plot, plaque for a garden of rest, getting a headstone, rules and regulations, ensuring cemeteries are safe and tracing a grave.

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Memorial benches

How to order a memorial bench, where the available locations are and how much it will cost.

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Further information

Where to go for further advice, will your pension be affected and what is probate.

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