Community emergency plan

What is a community emergency plan?

During a major wide area emergency it may be some time before responding organisations are able to offer assistance. By planning in advance your town or parish council could help coordinate local response activities. 

The community emergency plan (CEP) identifies local resources available and sets out a structure to follow in the response to an incident such as severe weather or flooding that might isolate the community.

We have produced a pack to help Town and Parish councils write their community emergency plan which contains the following:


Step-by-step guide to preparing a Community Emergency Plan (word 845kb opens in new window)

Creating a Community Emergency Plan – frequently asked questions


Plan templates

Community Emergency Plan – Original Version (2010) (word 234kb opens in new window)

Community Emergency Plan 2011– full version

Community Emergency Plan – abridged version

Town and Parish Council Emergency Procedures (word 81kb opens in new window)

Community Emergency Plan – completed example

Snow Clearance section (word 129kb opens in new window)

Flooding specific section (word 804kb opens in new window)

Neighbourhood Watch template plan

Community Group template plan (word 907kb opens in new window)


Training DVD

  • The case for community emergency plans

  • The emergency plans of responding organisations

  • Working from a Control Centre

  • How to run an emergency shelter

  • How to run an exercise



Call cascade (word 76kb opens in new window)

Community impact assessment (word 797kb opens in new window)

Rota template (word 790kb opens in new window)

Task allocation (word 814kb opens in new window)

Risk assessment guidance (word 818kb opens in new window)

Incident log (word 818kb opens in new window)

Standard agenda (word 781kb opens in new window)

Example letter (word 784kb opens in new window)

Learning lessons from incidents and exercises (word 823kb opens in new window)

Request for assistance poster (pdf 1mb opens in new window)


Additional Information

Get ready for the unexpected booklet (pdf 1mb opens in new window)

General emergency advice (word 802kb opens in new window)

Subscribing to weather warnings (word 800kb opens in new window)

How to run a shelter (word 1mb opens in new window)

Flood warden information (word 1mb opens in new window)

Animal welfare advice (word 1mb opens in new window)

Helping build community resilience (word 1mb opens in new window)

How to read an OS map (word 1mb opens in new window)


Exercising and Reviewing your Community Emergency Plan

Introduction to exercises (pdf 627kb opens in new window)

Parish Council exercise guidance

Reviewing your Community Emergency Plan guidance

If you would like a hard copy or a CD with all the information on please contact the emergency planning team using the contact form on the right hand side of this page, alternatively most of the documents can be found below. 

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Does my parish already have a community emergency plan?

A large number of parishes within the East Riding have written or are in the process of writing a plan, the map below shows which ones. The below pdf is a map of the areas which have or do not have community plans in place. 

Community emergency plan status (pdf 963kb opens in new window)

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I want to write a community emergency plan, where can i find more information?

The following document allows you to use a template plan to set up your own community emergency plan.

Community emergency plan template (word 711kb opens in new window)

There is also an example plan to help with creating your own.

Completed community emergency plan example (word 1.3mb opens in new window)

If you do not have time or resources to complete the full version of the plan you could look at the abridged template to see if it is more suitable. It can also be used as an interim measure so you have procedures in place whilst you gather information for your final comprehensive plan.

abridged version of the community emergency plan (word 647kb opens in new window)

We have also put together a list of frequently asked questions. If there is something that is not covered then please contact us with your query.

Community emergency plan frequently asked questions (word 51kb opens in new window) Top of page


My community is particularly at risk from flooding, can we write a flood plan?

The preparing for emergencies flooding page provides guidance aimed at communities in the case of a flooding incident. Information on how the council can help in cases of emergency flooding can be found on the drainage and flooding page of the website.

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Where can I find advice on exercising, testing and reviewing our community emergency plan?

The documents below provide advice on how to test and review your community emergency plan.

Exercising your plan guidance (word 102kb opens in new window)

Reviewing your plan guidance (word 106kb opens in new window)

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My parish/town council has decided not to write a plan, what can we do as a smaller group?

Neighbourhood emergency plans

Following consultation with some communities it was felt that a plan on a smaller scale would be more suitable. We’ve produced a template aimed at Neighbourhood Watch groups and smaller community groups that could also help you in an emergency.

Neighbourhood Watch plan template (word 354kb opens in new window)

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