Preparing for emergencies

Emergency plan

Emergencies can significantly disrupt our lives and whilst we can't prevent them happening, we can plan ahead to minimise the impact.

These pages outline simple steps to help to prepare, and deal with emergency situations.

Don't wait for the unexpected to happen - prepare now!

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Severe weather

How to help others during extreme weather, where to find general advice and advice on staying warm.

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Flooding and flood preparation

Floods often happen quickly and often without warning. Find out more information about what you can do to safeguard your home prior to flooding, what to do during a flood and how to recover afterwards. 

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Industrial accidents

Information on what an industrial accident is, how to report one, what to do if there is an industrial action and if you are evacuated because of a chemical incident what should you do.

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Seasonal and pandemic influenza

Information on what influenza and flu pandemics are, what are the signs and symptoms, how do you catch it, what to do if you develop symptoms, how to protect yourself and how to find out more information.

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