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Local welfare assistance

What is local welfare assistance?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council's Local Welfare Assistance Scheme aims to help people with needs that are difficult to meet from their regular income. It is made up of two distinct parts:

  • emergency loans
  • support grants.

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What is the difference between an emergency loan and a support grant?

Emergency loans

Emergency Loans (ELs) are intended for applicants who are unable to meet their immediate short term needs:  

  • either in a crisis in relation to some expenses, or
  • as a consequence of a disaster.  

Expenses that can be considered whether the need arises from a crisis or a disaster are:

  • daily living expenses
  • meeting the cost of repaying emergency credit on a pre-payment meter so the supply of fuel can be maintained or restored
  • charges for board and lodging accommodation and residential charges for hostels
  • emergency travel expenses where the applicant is stranded away from home
  • rent in advance payable to secure fresh accommodation where the landlord is not a local authority where a discretionary housing payment cannot be awarded.

Support grants

Support Grants are primarily intended to help vulnerable applicants live as independent a life as possible in the community. They will compliment but not replace the council’s duties and responsibilities for community care, or support provided by other Government or voluntary agencies. A support grant is intended to:

  • help people establish themselves within the community following a stay in an institution or care home in which they received care, or as part of a planned resettlement programme following an unsettled way of life

  • help people remain in the community rather than enter an institution or care home in which they will receive care
  • ease exceptional pressures on people and their families
  • help people to care for a prisoner or young offender on release on temporary licence, or
  • help people with expenses to make certain journeys such as attending a relatives funeral or visiting someone who is ill.
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Who is eligible for local welfare assistance?

Local welfare assistance may be awarded to an applicant whose main residence is within the East Riding of Yorkshire boundary.

Emergency loan

An emergency loan may be awarded to an applicant who at the date of application:

  • has their main residence within the East Riding of Yorkshire Council boundary and
  • is aged 16 or over and no one receives child benefit for them; and
  • is without the resources to meet their or their family's immediate short-term needs.

Support grant

A support grant may be awarded to an applicant who at the date of application:

  • whose main residence is within the East Riding of Yorkshire Council boundary; and
  • who is over 16; and
  • who upon the date of application is in receipt of, or treated as being in receipt of,  one of the qualifying benefits below:

  1. Income Support

  2. Jobseekers' Allowance

  3. State Pension Credit, or

  4. Employment and Support Allowance

  5. Universal Credit, where the amount awarded equals the living allowance.

You may also be eligible if you are going to be in receipt of one of the above benefits within six weeks of leaving care. 

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How do I apply for local welfare assistance?

To apply for local welfare assistance please complete our online application form below:

Local welfare assistance application (opens in new window)

If you are a current client of one of the following departments and organisations, please contact them to make an assisted application:

Trusted partners list (pdf 51kb opens in new window)

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How will I receive any assistance I am granted?

There are three different methods that your assistance will be paid to you if your application is successful:

Faster payment

The preferred method of payment is through the "faster payment" service operated by BACS. You would need to quote your bank sort code and account number in your application. Your payment will be available for withdrawal the day after your application has been approved.

We can also make a faster payment to an alternative person you nominate in your application should you not have a bank account.

PayPoint outlet

If the faster payment method is not suitable, we make your payment through a barcode which can be issued via:

  • SMS text message
  • email, or
  • notification letter

The barcode can then be cashed at participating 'PayPoint' outlets.

Your nearest PayPoint outlet can be found below:

Locate my nearest PayPoint outlet (opens in new window)

Receiving Goods


If you are successful in receiving a support grant, in the majority of cases we will order the goods direct from our suppliers and arrange for delivery and installation of the goods to your home. No payment will be made to you for the goods.


Our supply company will contact you direct to arrange delivery.


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How do I repay a loan I have been awarded?

As part of the application process for an emergency loan, you will be required to enter into a formal repayment plan.  An invoice will be included with the notification letter.

Should you default on a repayment plan, a reminder notice will be issued in the first instance. Failure to bring the arrangement up to date could result in court action being taken.

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My application was unsuccessful, can I appeal against the decision?

Should your application be unsuccessful, and you feel that the decision has been made incorrectly, you have the right to request we review the decision.

  • If the review request is in relation to an emergency loan decision you can request a review by telephone, or in writing within 48 hours of receiving the decision.
  • If the review request is in relation to a support grant decision you can request a review by telephone, or in writing within one calendar month of the date of decision.

You must provide an explanation for the reasons you disagree with the decision, and provide further supporting information or evidence.

You will be notified of the outcome of the review within 48 hours, where possible.

The outcome of the review is final.

A review can be made by:


(01482) 394799



Local Welfare Assistance
East Riding of Yorkshire Council
County Hall
Cross Street
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU17 9BA

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Can I apply more than once for local welfare assistance?

Yes, however, you will not be eligible for a further loan within a twelve-month rolling period unless:

  • the previous loan is repaid in full, and
  • you have not received more than two loans in this period.

Only one emergency loan or support grant will be paid for the same item for the same period.  

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Where else can I get help?

If you need further advice or support, contact details for a number of other departments and organisation are below:

Further advice or support (pdf 56kb opens in new window)

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